What’s in your basket Jan-Feb 2023

Preparatory for end of dry January :laughing: not really!

Barbaresco 2018 mixed case £175
Riesling Kabinett 2021 mixed case £100

Neither are wines that I have a great deal of experience of, but i took a chance when I couldn’t avoid seeing the cases while paying some EP duty - my story and I’m sticking to it!

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Made up my own version of the Kabinett case


First purchase of the year: A case of the Pieropan La Rocca to reserves to sleep for a few years. Not all Soave is the same.


Great minds etc.

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Either that or I was wavering until your post on Italian Inquirer. Inspiration!

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Now sold out. Was £18/btl

OWC along with butler’s thief style opener. Nice touch.


That’s a great price for a good wine with 20 years of ageing.

The butler’s thief and OWC are a bonus. Especially a case with a nice slidy lid instead of a nailed-down splintery one.


Gone for this on the back of the Cavallotto online tasting earlier in the week

On the same tasting, the ‘19 Barolo sample was an absolute beast, but oh my will it be something special in 10-15yrs. Testing my restraint somewhat……


Yeah I totally agree.
I nabbed a single bottle last year as a bit of a curious oddity and as I no longer fear Pinotage (only 19% of the blend).
Thought it was great and then I passed it over to my wife she commented that it was one of the best wines I had opened for her of late. Quite the statement I thought.
Saw it pop up this week so figured a case would make a great winter drinking option and even work well with a BBQ if they should last 6 months. Was wondering if they might come in an OWC based on the M. Rolland connection and proved to be correct. Really surprised to see the note and free butler’s thief which they recommend to use for this though.


Same here, thought it could go either way but loved it, glad I took a punt. Nice box!

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I have been hovering over that one since the tasting.

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Australian red is not something I’ve explored much at all, but helped myself to one of the small amount of the below that has appeared online to try something mature. In case anyone else is interested…



Very much in the same vein as Alexander, I’ve gone for one of the blink-and-you-miss-it low stock items which popped up today:


I’ve more than happy to report that I know nothing about this wine, nor could I find more than one mention in the community of Alain Chabanon’s wines so very much a punt!


I bought the Beauregard Fleurie that was recommended by email this weekend, plus five other 2020 Bojos, and threw it into reserves for a year or two.