What’s in your basket 23/11/18

After last nights battle of the bottles, I suspect The Nebbiolo is now lingering in many baskets… just remember to purchase before they have all gone.
These were in my basket until today when they arrived at home.

The Saumur is a long-standing favourite, the CD-R is an older version of the dozen I have slumbering and was a feature in recent community conversations, as was TWS Crozes-Hermitage, Rustenberg is a go-to SA producer who’s Shiraz I haven’t tried, Mission was the first NZ vineyard I visited in 1993, and Provence is my spiritual home. Plenty of pleasure in store in the run up to the festive season.
What’s making it’s way to you soon?


Just had these delivered nw which one will I have tonight?


This could be a case study in sharp photo vs blurred photo…

Which exhibition wine is that @japcraw ?

Added a better photo, its the Crozes-Hermitage

Looks like a great selection of wines. I had the Maby in another vintage and the Crozes Hermitage and the rest seem to be very well received here. Happy drinking!

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Currently have that Crozes-Hermitage in my basket ready to buy, currently building a basket for Christmas wines.


I’ve been tweaking my final Christmas basket for weeks, and now last night’s nebbiolo has just added another complication.

It’s like musical chairs, but with way too few chairs.


Feeling pretty much the same… spent ages yesterday evening deciding which 4 wines from the German offer I would combine into a Super 12 case for sending for a long sleep into Reserves. Have to admit to shedding a tear or two every time I took something out… While enjoyable, the process is also painful!


I’d actually be a little relieved if one or two items in my basket were to sell out, right now, just to take the whole decision out of my hands. I’d be happy with whatever’s left behind, really I would!


That’s exactly how I felt when some of my Wish List (8 pages long) sold out!! It was such a relief!


Oh I so I understand how you all feel. The challenge of reducing a basket to something close to a number of wines that you can reasonably explain to your other half!

Tonight - Dom Rectoire Coullioure 2011. Beautiful.


I have the Jones on my wish list, the Maby in my basket, remains of a half case of the Crozes in my wine fridge, a case of the Eulalie at the society and have previously drunk a fair bit of the Zorzal… Great minds and all that!

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Rather than great minds maybe more like one knowns one guesses. I appear to be a pretty good guessing.

Plenty bought today. Tesco is worth a look for some very good champagne deals plus buy 6 get 25% off on top. Lanson at £16.50, Moët and Taittinger at £21

Also a nice varied order to collect from the showroom on Tuesday


Probably my last order before Christmas…


Another bottle of the white Vacqueyras, to replace the one that was supposed to be for Christmas lunch but temptation got in the way a couple of weeks ago! Another Clos Romane (the first one was corked :frowning_face:). A couple of community recommendations in the Zinfandel and Luberon; and then a couple from the xmas press tasting - the Riesling is fantastic value for money and the Ostoros PN is a terrific example for the price (hence the case of 6 :grinning:).


And the chairs I want to sit on just seem to get more expensive…

I’ve got this little lot coming next week. A mix of everyday bottles and a couple of rather nicer ones:

RH46381 The Society’s Exhibition Crozes Hermitage 2015 £13.95 3 Bottle £41.85
IT25901 Verduno Pelaverga GBBurlotto 2017 £12.50 2 Bottle £25.00
LO14191 Coteaux du Layon Saint Aubin Les Varennes Cady 2015 £17.00 1 Bottle £17.00
CB5141 Ch Lary Bordeaux 2015 £7.50 2 Bottle £15.00
GN91 Litre of The Society’s Gin 37.5% £15.95 1 Bottle £15.95
LO14491 Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie Domaine des Ratelles 2017 £7.75 2 Bottle £15.50
IT25991 Palladium Garganega Veneto 2017 £6.95 2 Bottle £13.90
LO13921 Val de Loire Chardonnay Les Parcelles Rethore Davy 2017 £7.75 2 Bottle £15.50

But every time I check I seem to find that I just don’t have enough to safely cover us for Christmas. That this is because we keep drinking them is besides the point. Also I absolutely need to get a couple of bottles of Moscato for my mother in law as she absolutely won’t drink a dry wine. Due to that oversight I am therefore obliged to order again before Christmas. Bricco Rosso will no doubt make an appearance in that order, along with 2015 Exhibition Sauternes. We had the 2014 with stilton a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely delicious!


Looks like a nice order @Bargainbob. I was very tempted to try the Bricco Rosso as well, but didn’t on this occasion. Maybe I’ll be tempted when I collect my order later this week.

I’ve been trying a number of the Nebbiolo offerings from TWS, particularly looking for good entries at the lower end of the price spectrum. This was the most recent and can recommend…

The Wine Society | Free UK Delivery


This lot being delivered tomorrow.

1 x AR3941 Susana Balbo El Peral Single Vineyard Malbec Mendoza 2017
1 x AU21061 Tahbilk Nagambie Lakes Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
3 x IT24741 Nebbiolo Langhe GD Vajra 2016 1
1 x AR3751 Weinert Carrascal Corte Clasico Mendoza 2013

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A couple of sugar cubes dissolved in a glass of the garganega or the chardonnay should do the trick :+1:


… and just tell her it is dosage… very posh