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What’s in your basket? (2 Oct)


Has it been a while since we shared our outcomes on all the recommendations and TWS sales pitches? Like @szaki1974, I have been thinking of spreading my late December festival drinking purchases - no reindeer infanticide here @Leah.
Intrigued to hear of anyone’s experience with the grower champagnes.


I don’t think I’ve tried either champagne, but the Collioure red is excellent if you’ve not had it before - a perfect Autumn/Winter warmer.


Not on my Christmas order yet @DrEm that can wait till the end of November.
Tickling my throat these next few weeks will be

My exploration further into different sherries.

A repeat order for this wonderful white I enjoyed over the summer

A top up of my favourite ‘Glugger’ and the TWS taste wines for the next 2 months


Got the Benoit Lahaye and the 89 Chinon down as potential Christmas treat wines.


What attracted you to that champagne? I like a Pinot dominated drop of fizz.


It’s been on my wish list so long I thought now is the time to strike it off or in… so in it went


As I was ordering the two reds for the next two tastings I thought it would be crass not to add a few other delicacies :sunglasses::

Thanks to @Comtes86’s reminder I have been meaning to replace the Urbina Crianza in my rack and thought I would pick up the Gran Reserva and give that a try at the same time!

Folloing on from @Taffy-on-Tour’s discussion of the Raspail-Ay I thought I’d give a couple of these half bottles a whirl:

And on a similar theme I have a bottle of Guigal CDR laid down but don’t plan to drink for a little while yet and as I’ve not tried it before I thought a half bottle ‘sampler’ might be in order:

And following on from discussion between @Herbster & @Taffy-on-Tour this Ogier La Rosine sounded interesting:

So this is what happens when I buy two bottles of wine for the TWS tasting! :rofl: (didn’t bother to show those two!)


I like the style and the selection. I’m a great fan of La Rosine.


I also put a few bottles in the basket…,

on the back of the recent offers… the Chinon I mentioned elsewhere, this Mac Forbes Pinot Noir, an elusive Aligote, this Port wannabe…

based on the notes on the press tasting - this Provencal white

the November #twstaste wines - the Manzanilla and the Langhe Nebbiolo

this Syrah-Mourvedre, not sure why, but I have a good feeling about it

and a lot of my favourite (quasi) alcohol free beer, to fill the gaps.


@JReed you will not go wrong with the Cayetano Palo Cortado - delicious sherry, refreshing and uplifting after a hard slog cooking at festive time!

The Verdicchio was less good in 2016 than 2015 - I haven’t tried the 2017 yet. Less good should be seen in the context of 2015 being outstanding.


I’ve got some stuff in the proverbial basket, but I keep tinkering with it, and changing things once a day at the moment. I promised the other half there will be ‘no major orders until November’ - not sure why or under what circumstances I promised that, but to be fair - we are bursting at the seams at the moment, and buying wine can seem a little bit like a compulsive habit, rather than a thoughtful activity.

Anyway… the wines I’m definitely going to keep in the basket are:

I blame @Bargainbob and @Alchemist for this one, though I don’t need much encouragement where Vermentino is concerned.

Because it blew us away in a recent tasting…!

Because it’s such a lovely and delicious Viognier

Because I’m experimenting with some Californian wine… (recreational activity, that)


Just cause it’s been sitting in my basket for far too long, and I love the idea that the vines are “submerged under seawater”. :thinking:

Some other stuff in there, but I keep changing my mind… got till November to decide (dear husband) :wink:


Exactly that, I love Pinot Champagne and it looks like it will deliver at the price point.


That Sendiana is on my radar :smiley: but not this time!


I empathise hugely with that! I just have not had time to sit down and do it properly, and also things keep selling out and moving out my basket…

Plus you guys post all these notes telling me how wonderful something else is, and I have second thoughts, and tinker again…


It’s also discounted too :+1:


There I go, tinkering again… :woman_facepalming:



enough to bring a glow to an Aberdonian’s heart! :slight_smile:


I have an order due to arrive on Thursday which includes:



Looks like I ordered them all just in time!


It’s reassuring to see that Christmas purchases are starting to find their way into people’s orders. My last order had a couple of treats (the aforementioned Sendiana, an upmarket Godello) alongside some lower priced choices. The next order is heavily influenced by be press tasting - I’ve got the white Vacqueyras magnum, Exhibition Hermitage, the Ardèche Red and white, Provençal vermentino/semillon, Wallace Barossa Shiraz/Grenache - most of those have got drinking dates starting from mid-December. Naturally this means I’ll have to put another order in before the November tasting to stock up on everyday stuff!


That’s a beautiful Godello, @Bargainbob! Hope you enjoy it! :ok_hand::grinning: