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What’s in your basket? [19 Mar]



Any deliveries planned this week? Maybe the fine wine bin end list will cause a bit of a buying frenzy… excuse me while I go and tempt myself with it!

2005 Bordeaux (Red)

Oh, no! Must resist temptation!! :grimacing: no deliveries planned this side of Easter… Having said that, we’re off to Mallorca next week, so no doubt we’ll come back with some goodies!! :clinking_glasses:


Well the bin end list is pretty amazing, some lovely old wines on there, paticularly vouvray. Out of my range sadly but pretty incredible!

Instead I settled on a few oddballs from the lower end and ones I’ve been adding to my wishlist from recommendations here. Mostly whites this week:


Oooh! I’ve had the Langue Nascetta on my radar for a while… Let us know what you think of it :grinning:


I was trying to control myself after taking a delivery from somewhere else this week … now look what you’ve gone and done :woman_facepalming:t3::see_no_evil:@tom


:grinning: do you need the bin end link or have you already seen it on Facebook? :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:


Hahaha…@tom, I wish I HADNT seen it on FB. I’m currently trying to work out which child will sell for the most…:speak_no_evil:


That’s a very good list of wines. I had the juhfark midweek last week and it was great. I think the Mersault paralels are deserved.


I’m on page 3 of 5 and cant look anymore…It’s times like this I wish I had invested in Bitcoin in the early days…:sob:


Nothing in the basket at the moment, but this little lot arrived on Friday, along with a bottle of the Koyle Rapel Costa pinot noir:

Plenty of nice things in the fine wine bin end list, but all of it outside my price range just now, sadly.


What fine wine bin end list?



Never wish you had ‘invested in Bitcoin’…

Alphabet, Amazon, yes…

Or better still 1982 en primeur claret…


Thanks for the alert on the low stock offer (although not sure my bank account is so thankful!). Went for a few bottles from back vintages of Bordeaux for delivery this week:


A bit of a chenin thing going on. But all SA.
Led by the Mary Delany

With some alheit Cartology in support.

Looking hard at


I’m seriously wondering if we shouldn’t have a similar thread for “what’s in your wish list” :joy:…! AkA the never ending story :see_no_evil:


Well, they arrived! Looking forward to them, especially that 29 year old Vouvray.


well I enjoyed the Vouvray. And its our wedding year too.

Is it really 29 years , be out by now!!


Me too regarding the Vouvray and it’s our wedding year too! Even went there on honeymoon!


You know you are obsessed with wine when…