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What’s in your basket [13th Aug 2018]



Leaving the far south west of France in the next couple of days, so thought it time I did some souvenir shopping. Readers of the Salt & Old vines book will recognise Coume del Mas and Mas Cristine. TWS have stocked Pierre Gaillard Collioure wines in the past…

Bought from the excellent Vins d’Auteurs in Collioure.



Happy to know that lovely shop is still trading! We had a great time in there some years ago, good tastings and an amazing Rivesaltes Ambre if that is the right description. Great shop. And we like Coome del Mas wines very much indeed. Tasted them at a great wine festival in Banyuls a couple of years ago and bought some to bring home.


It’s better than that; chatting to the guys in the shop today it seems they’re going to start shipping to the UK. If you like wines from the Cotes de Rousillon and Cotes de Catalane then it might be an option.


Needed to order the wines for Thursday’s online tasting fun, but didn’t really want another great big case load, so just kept to a six-pack.

Along with the two Argentinians, I went for this tasty number:

…and a couple of these, as they really seem to come in handy:



…oh dear, however and ever am I to get this six-pack up to the minimum level to qualify for free delivery…??

I guess, ho hum, I’ll just have to struggle my way through a bottle of this:

The order’s due today.

Maths quiz: it’s eight o’clock and it took three and a half hours to get from 69 to 93 on the tracker below. When in the name of Dionysus is my wine going to arrive this evening…?


Correct Answer : When the kids are in Bed and door bell wakes the dog who in turn barks the house down waking all 4 children!! You’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In which case I’ll be necking the Côte-Rôtie through the tears this very evening…!


Well pop my cork with a penknife, it’s just arrived! And the tracker had only reached 97 out of 113. Whatever, it’s all good, and now we’re set for Thursday evening’s shenanigans :clinking_glasses:


Great stuff!! Looking forward to your wit on Thursday.