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What’s in yer Basket [April 2019]


I actually just checked out a basket today, albeit for May delivery…

These two as I wanted to stay on the mailshot for future Once and Future releases… and because it was discussed here… and because I bought tickets for the dinner with the winemaker… and because the last one I had was delicious

Once and Future Sodini Vineyard Zinfandel 2017
Once and Future Oakley Road Vineyard Zinfandel 2017

Then I needed a £14 bottle to make delivery ‘free’.and this one was long on my wish list.

Domaine Sylvain Pataille Bourgogne Aligote 2016

I also sent another basket to reserves with some Tempier wines earlier in the week…

Bandol Blanc Domaine Tempier 2017 and
Bandol Cabassaou Domaine Tempier 2015


Mine is a work in progress at the moment, with a bottle each of:


Will no doubt add a few more from the wishlist, but delivery won’t be before early May, as got one alreay arriving just before #twstaste :+1:


You’ve got some tasty treats in that basket.
I’ve always enjoyed Meerlust’s Rubicon, but used to visit Cape Town frequently and got used to paying rather less than we do over here. As a result I find the price harder to swallow than the wine! A case of illogical bias which reduces my enjoyment.

That Bandol does look tempting. I’m visualising sucking the last tender bits of Lamb from the bones of a nice rack whilst sipping that and being slightly ashamed of the state my wine glass is in from grubby fingers.:blush:


Coming Monday to my local offie…

*2x Beaujolais for TWS Taste
*2x Kadarka for @szaki1974 guerrilla taste
*Vin Jeune which has been on the wishlist since @Herbster alerted me to the Jura range currently available
*Pouillé Fumé as recommended by @robertd from the press tasting
*Sherry as recommended by just about the entire world
*My favourite Muscat to go with asparagus, which I anticipate being in the farmers market imminently


I am looking forward to Asparagus season, absolutely love it.
I shall pair it with one of the Beaujolais in my basket…

…the Pisse Vieille seems appropriate.:zipper_mouth_face:


That is a good point, also ordered mine last month, arriving after Easter. Allow me a shameless plug…


Just made the following order mainly for the two tastings coming up which should if all goes according to plan arrive at my home a couple of days after I do!
But it also has the 2010 Bordeauxs that were still left as well as a TWS Mondeuse to compare with the ones I’ve been drinking whilst out in Chamonix!


Not finding much of interest at the mo… basically just Terrenus Vinha da Ammaia, a talha wine from old vine fruit. I like this producer and looking forward to my first talha :smiley:


A few for the cellar from the walkaround tasting in London last night34

and a few for the next online tasting + add ons.


If anyone needs a gap filler, I just got a mailshot about this wine…


Looks as though it has been limited to 3 per member. Might be interesting to see how quickly it goes as the price is a bit under current market


Have just added the following to mine:

Inspired by the Austrian Reds thread, and:

Though I might just stop being a sissy and order the Cali Treasures case! :thinking:


Have you considered trying this? I can definitely see the appeal of the Frog’s Leap one.


It’s in my Wish List, and I know people who tried it (you included) really loved it - so not sure why it doesn’t (frog) leap more obviously into my basket. Not to say it won’t this time round… :thinking:


I am actually very intrigued by the Frog’s Leap one now, haven’t considered it before. I just noticed that the Once and Future bottle has a rather specific alcohol content at 14.9%.


Yes, I think US winemakers are required to put the specific ABV on the bottle. But I also read (somewhere, not sure where!) that it’s often at least half a degree less than the real ABV… how one reconciles both statements is a mystery to me.


14.9% - very handy to avoid the extra duty that 15.0%+ would incur :wink:


I thought that the Federal tax rate brackets were up to 14% (ABV), 14-21% & 21+. Theres not a huge leap from band 1 to 2, something in the region of 50 cents per US Gallon?

That could be my failing memory however!

I do like the way they use gallons as a measure though, even if they are the “little” US variant.


Ah! Now that’s a fine explanation! :+1::grinning:


I think he is referring to UK import duties - 15% would classify it as Fortified Wine which would add 12p/btl in duty