What’s happened to WS customer service?

Hate to grumble on here but not sure what’s going on at WS as getting no response. Ordered 2.5 cases to arrive on Friday last week. Ended up coming as 1 case on Friday, a single bottle over the weekend and another case today (Tuesday). No notification of the order being split.

Sent two message to customer services via the online form - one on Friday and one today to ask what is happening with my order and no response, nothing at all. Feeling disappointed and would value someone reaching out to me from WS. I worry WS is getting too popular and is no longer as member oriented as it used to be…

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Phone and speak to someone! This forum is not designed as a general way to contact the Society, but as a way for members to communicate with each other.


or use the online chat on the website, I’ve found that really effective if its difficult to phone.


I second that! I hate speaking on the phone, and this is a great alternative in ‘real time’, with a real person responding to your query there and then. Give it a go :+1:

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Hi Putters,

As some of the lovely Community users above have already let you know (thanks guys!), this isn’t a Member Services channel unfortunately, but I am very sorry indeed to hear about the problems you’ve had. :frowning: Our phonelines are open until 8pm and you can contact us here.

I’d also mention this to Member Services when you call them, if that’s alright - do you mean the Enquiry form? It might be there’s a fault with this that we aren’t aware of so the team can investigate this to make sure no future messages get lost. Sorry again about this!

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Appreciate the point regarding the purpose of this forum. Responses that suggest phoning or live chat are the way to communicate seem to invalidate the online query form as a means of communication…work that one out. The reason I took to this forum was due to lack of response from WS via their online query form.

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Not helpful in the context of the situation I described.

Please check your CRM or whatever system you use. Two submissions, two confirmations that my message was received. This may be the wrong forum but is simply is not good enough.


it is possible that you receive a message saying it’s been submitted but, for whatever reason, it doest get through to WS…CRMs can go wrong!

as many have said - phone or online chat - and as @Laura says, mention the forms to them just in case there is a bigger issue and you can be help them solve it




Which reminds me about a Brett tainted bottle we gave up on a couple of weeks back!

It is the wrong forum, and a call or online chat would probably resolve it. I had problems with a delivery a week or so ago, which I mentioned on here, but not to try to get it resolved on here. When I called, I got a response from TWS by phone and email the same day.

Yours didn’t come via Fedex by any chance? If so you were lucky that you got them at all! They smashed a whole case of mine, and half of the wines had sold out, however TWS gave me higher value replacements and a credit for the ones I didn’t want a replacement for.


If a form is not working, then this IS surely the right forum. For those of us who can’t easily ring or who prefer not to, advice to do this or use the chat (which is effective, but can be time consuming) is not much use.

I may have missed it, but has anyone replied here on whether the form actually works?

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Sorry, I have to disagree with you.

Firstly, this isn’t really a forum for specific individual complaints and that’s been emphasised before. It may be that some issues are picked up here and taken back for review, but if it became a general channel for that I think a lot of people here might stop posting here.

I fail to see how someone cannot either phone, email or use the chat. If they can post here, they can certainly manage the latter two. Apart from anything else they will be quicker. If the form isn’t working they should use one of the above methods to ask why.


Email, yes, but chat has limited hours and is, frankly, a nuisance as you have to wait for replies. Email is the easiest, but only after the first time, when you have an email address. TWS makes it as difficult as possible to find the email.

Member services which presumably includes both chat and phone, is open 12 hours a day, five days a week and at weekends. Not that limited…

I have emailed them several times about different things too.

I would suggest that complaining here is one of the less efficient ways to go about it, as it’s not monitored for that.


Thank you - I think you understand where I am coming from. Short on time, use the online form and it doesn’t work!

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Mark - forgive me but I don’t have the email address. Therefore my options are chat (don’t have time) or call (don’t have time). There is no excuse for an online form for members eliciting zero response. I am quite ok with the idea of this forum not being for this type of communication, but I only posted here as I failed to get a response twice. Your logic fails me - if one channel of communication doesn’t work use another…that’s kind of ridiculous in this day and age.

Yes, once you have emailed them you have an address. For those who don’t yet have it:
memberservices@thewinesociety.com does eventually produce a reply.

Given the current time (23.30) pointing out that the chat works during day hours is not very helpful.


There you go.

In my experience, calling them is just as quick as filling out the online form.

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Thank you SPmwmber. The email address is very helpful and I appreciate your desire to problem solve!