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What red for a lamb shank with madeira jus


Hi all

My mum is making a spectacularly awesome ne lamb shank dish next weekend with a lovely sticky, dark jus and of course I’d play sommelier :grimacing:

Has anybody got any recommendations please for a wine match. It’s quite a rich savoury fatty meat which seems straightforward but it’s the rich dark sauce that confused me.

Many thanks in advance :blush:

Oh and please leave your favourite Christmas song in your reply! The pogues, obviously :joy::christmas_tree::santa:


LOVE THIS! :rofl:

Although choosing a favourite Christmas song is a bit impossible for me. :smile: I loooove Christmas songs. I’m probably going to go for this, because of its singalongability and over-the-top naffness:

Onto the wine, and actually our very own Marjorie mentioned a match for a dish with madeira jus in our most recent newsletter!

The wine she’s having is this (I think she mentions the 2009 which we’re out of, but we have the 2011):


I’m just here to say that Chris Rea’s Driving Home for Christmas is the greatest Christmas song of all time and no one will convince me otherwise.


This sounds delicious and has me salivating already at this early hour!
Personally I would go for a Cabernet or blend there of. Thinking Coonawarra Cab or Aussie Cab/Shiraz Blend. Think you need some tannins to cut through the fatty richness but also some sweet fruit to compliment the jus.
Alternatively a Napa Cab or South African BDX blend.
Next back up would be a Zinfandel or Rioja.

My favourite Xmas song - either the Pogues or the Darkness


I’d agree with @winechief - a good, robust cabernet or blend thereof, with Rioja as a good alternative.

As for the tune, for me it’s a toss-up between Darlene Love’s ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ from the Phil Spector Christmas album, or this perfect piece of pop fluff:


Sounds delicious, @Nowt_in_my_glass! :+1:

My two choices are this yummy Shiraz (had the 2015, but hopefully the 2016 is as good):

Or this lovely Bordeaux blend, which is savoury, and has a good bite of acidity to cut through the fat:

As for favourite Christmas song… My all time favourite is not a ‘song’ as such, but Prokofiev’s The Sleigh Ride from Lieutenant Kije… Boy, how it gets me in the mood!

Ps - not sure why I replied to you, @tom!! :thinking:


Maybe you couldn’t get that classic soft-rock track out of your head?


The power of suggestion…? Perhaps! It’s also my daughter’s favourite Xmas song, so you’re not alone :blush:


You beat me to it - absolutely no argument from me!

For the wine - agree something not too complex from Bordeaux (or possibly a new world Bordeaux blend?) would be a good start


Gaahhh! I clicked on that…

(Oh yes, I knew there was something. Normally I’d reach for the claret with lamb. But that Madeira sauce makes me pause. So I think I would lean to a Rioja or something like that.)


Ooooo so it sounds like tannins and fruit are the way - I wouldn’t have thought of new world cabernet but love that suggestion. I do have

and the exhibition haut-medoc @Inbar

As a leftfield choice what about this…?

if i decant it now it might be ready for xmas day :joy:

@Bargainbob what a choice!!!
@tom haha a bold choice, one that alan partridge would pin his badge and blazer set to!
@laura I hope the christmas song spotify radio channel will be loud and proud in TWS office!


Only yesterday we had to turn it down because the involuntary dancing around at our desks was inhibiting our work… :wink:


The Society’s Exhibition Crozes or a decent Pauillac!!:smiley:


Are you having this with breakfast these days?


Vina Ardanza 2009…

i can’t believe Jonah Louis didn’t get a mention…

ah the Cavalry has arrived in the nick of time.


I think that any N Rhone fruity red would be suitable.
As far as the Exhibition Crozes, I think that I may have only consumed 3 bottles, but purchased 48 bottles. mostly in reserves but some as gifts. :smiley:


I’d go for the old traditional Rioja.
The Rustenburg Shiraz I opened last night and it actually reminded me of a trad Rioja with its leather scent, so @Inbar suggestion would be good too.
Favourite Christmas song (after Chris Rea) is Christmas song by Jethro Tull if just a bit mournful… finishes with “Hey, Santa, pass us that bottle…”


I support the Aussie cab sauv recommendation and also the pogues although Winter Song by Lindisfarne also deserves an honourable mention. Patience is requires - it does get round to referencing Christmas inverse four after the break


Love that song. And there’s always Tull’s more upbeat Christmas offering if needed:


Brilliant find… Alan Hull, taken before his time and left great songs.
Their Christmas concerts were a staple of Newcastle life.