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What is this label?


Hi all,

The local wine shop just announced something with this label. I don’t recognise it so I was hoping your collective knowledge might help. Any ideas?




Hi Mike,

Sorry that you are yet to identify what this product could be.
I would have recommended scanning it with the Vivino app, but I already tried for you and no joy…

Which shop did you see this in? Maybe you could enquire within for more details?


I have come to the conclusion that the shop itself has launched something. The owners surname is pinel so Pinel Gin maybe. I will just have to be patient. I thought I recognised it is all that is why I asked. Thanks


Yes, I know what you mean - seems distantly familiar to me too.

It looks a bit like some of the sports team logos: San Francisco Giants (Baseball) and Real Madrid.

There’s some similar logos on Adobe Stock here but not yet owned…

Whatever the secret is, I’m sure it will be worth the wait, Mike. :wine_glass:


It couldn’t just be a Pinot Grigio with artistic ambitions?


I had the same thought. Would take something rather special to make pinot grigio something to look forward to …


Pinot Gris, on the other hand… :heart_eyes:


Looks like IGP. So maybe a super wine that breaks AOC rules…


Its very reminiscent of the Pleasure Ground logo…another project which did not get off the ground in Blackpool…:sunglasses:


That’s a good shout @JayKay :wine_glass::+1:t2:


The latest logo for PG Tips.


Just to let you all know it is a Gin that has been launched in a partnership of the local wine retailer and a local gin maker. Pink Granite Gin. So it is not something that any of us should have recognised!


Thanks for the update, Mike! Are you going to pick up a bottle?


Be rude not to