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What is the perfect pizza wine?


I’d say the Bolmida might again be a bit serious.

How about Allegrini’s basic Valpolicella? A more joyful wine would be hard to imagine, and pizza’s all about simple pleasure, no?


I don’t think you’d go wrong with any of these - my money would probably be on the Soc Montepulciano though! :smiley: Let us know what you decide on and how it goes?


Rustic wines I find work well with Pizzas and lasagne tomato based dishes.
Also this one which Ive posted before about:



I’d have to go with a Valpolicella for pizza. I think the fruity and fresh route is the best. It was the staple choice in most 80s pizzerias so I’m rather conditioned to it now.


You’d be hard pushed these days, though, to find a valpolicella as bad as the 80s ones!


don’t you need to buy enough for free delivery? I’d get one of each and have a proper wine tasting evening with pizza!!!


You’re right! They were awful. Today’s Valpolicella is streets ahead, which casts a rosy glow over my memories.


There is only one wine that can be drunk with pizza and that is the Societys FRASACATI superiore. We love it and are sure you will too.



We used to regularly eat at Pizza Express and Mrs M always chose their Frascati. I agree, it makes an excellent pizza wine, but Pizza Express no longer list Frascati…

When I made a pizza two weeks ago I had to hunt high and low for Frascati, they seem to have vanished from shops. I eventually found an cheap one in Tesco.

I didn’t realise TWS have started listing Frascati, they didn’t have any last time I looked. However I can’t see the one you mention, only this one

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