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What is the perfect pizza wine?


Organising a homemade pizza party next weekend and looking for wines to match the pairing. We will be making the following pizzas all tomato based sauce:

  • Hawaiian
  • Nduja and scotch bonnet
  • Pepperoni
  • Parma ham and rucola

For wines I was thinking of lining up the Society Zinfandel but also wanted to see other recommendations including:
Society Primitivo
Society Silician Red
Domaine Jones Garnache

I was also thinking it may worth adding a white in the mix, maybe a Riesling of sorts to match with the Hawaiian?



I quite like rosé with pizza, as it can often handle food of varying intensity really well. I was going to suggest the delicious Corse Calvi, but it doesn’t seem to be listed anymore. In which case, I would suggest a Sangiovese based rose such as:

Which is also Corsican. But a Navarra rose should also work well in my opinion:

Perhaps a Gewurtz for the Hawaiian? Should complement both ham and pineapple quite well.


I was going to offer some helpful suggestions but I can see you’re not serious about pizza.

:nauseated_face: :laughing:


I wouldn’t sweat it. Italian reds, though, tend to be much more accepting of tomato than French ones, which hardly ever work with it in my experience (and no reason to stick with southern Italian reds, I don’t think - Barbera is often great with pizza). And the lower acidity in many “New World” wines also won’t work brilliantly.

No one drinks wine with pizza in Italy,. of course.:rofl:


Great choice. Also recommend Montepulciano…

I do :slight_smile:


That’s a challenge…


Or a fire hazard :fire:


I’m also very partial to Barbera or Dolcetto with pizza. A Langhe Nebbiolo can be good too (especially if mushrooms involved).

Maybe swap out the Hawaiian for a Margarita or Marinara :wink:


In Italy, you would absolutely have beer with pizza, not wine, said a very-serious-about-wine Italian friend. This was really surprising to me - I never knew that was the Italian view.


This one - or something like it


That’s not a pizza !!!


Keep it simple. If you are going to stick to what the locals drink, then the way to go with anything made of Anglianico. There are plenty of offerings going around in the Wine Society.


That was my immediate thought on reading the question too, although have been known to have a glass of chianti from time to time.


That is totally correct, as pizza to the Italians is not a meal it is a snack.


I think - regardless of tradition - pizza and the right wine can go very well together! And there is no shortage of Italian reds and rose which can do the job nicely.

Some of us indulge in fish and chips with fizz - not exactly the pillar of tradition, but who cares?


I had this Aglianico at the weekend. Velvety smooth and very enjoyable, but I’d probably go for something a little sharper. The Sicilian Reserve Red is a cracking match, as is Vigna Corvina Montepulciano. Barbera would work too, although not the Nadia Curto that’s available at the moment - that bad boy is just a little too sharp…

  • I’m not saying Italians are doing it wrong by drinking Aglianico with their pizza, just that I’m not sure this one would be the best match.


In case it wasn’t obvious, I wasn’t saying it in a proselytising way - it was just a surprise to me. I’d sort of imagined that there’d be some Italian range of views, of a what pasta shape with what sauce type. Some favouring red vs white, and different types with different toppings, and pizzas from different regions. But no!

And in my view wine absolutely can work with pizza, different wines with different pizzas.


This wine is much too good for pizza! Maybe a simpler aglianico - but aglianico is a pretty serious grape! I’d say montepulciano, primitivo or negroamaro all work better with pizza, if you do want a southern red.


Thanks all. Not trying to over glorify the pizza, but the friends who are visiting love wine and we do wine trips together we also too love pizza so I thought to marry up the two.

Italian reds seem to be to go, so from Society’s offering what I identified the following candidates:

  1. Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2016
  2. Montepulciano* d’abruzzo vigna corvino 2017
  3. The Society’s Primitivo di Manduria 2016
  4. Barbera d’Alba Superiore Conca del Grillo, Silvano Bolmida 2014
  5. Biferno Rosso Riserva Palladino 2014
  6. Society’s Sicilian Red

Out of these which ones would you pick?



I’d pick the first - the Society’s Montepulciano.

Its a great quaffable wine at a good price. I prefer it to the Vigno Corvino one.