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What is in your basket? [September - October 2020]

Is there an specific way to search for newly added wines or do you just rely on an incredible memory?

Hover your cursor over ‘buy wine’ on the top line banner on the main website, look across to ‘by type’ and ‘new wines’ is the first on the dropdown list.

Thank you! I always navigate ‘by region’ so I’ve never seen that menu list…


I hasten to add, that not every wine added to the list makes it there, but it’s still a potentially dangerous place to look as far as one’s bank account is concerned.

I have to say that this forum is even more dangerous in that respect !


I have betrayed TWS and gone elsewhere in order to get these:

Excited about both and it’s worth the hassle of sorting some reliable home storage on this occasion, I feel.


Where from?

I felt compelled to place a cheeky order today ( for educational purposes)


Honest Grapes


It’s reserves withdrawal time. A few more coming next week, the van was full (and although a WS van, white with no livery) :stuck_out_tongue:

Racks full again, better get drinking.


Whoever said joining TWS was dangerous was right, this should see us through the next few months, and thank you to all that post their recommendations!

Your Order

The Society’s Exhibition Douro 2014 Code: PW6551In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £13.95 £13.95
Champagne Alfred Gratien Brut 2007 Code: CH4151In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £42.00 £42.00
Gigondas, Domaine Raspail-Ay 2016 Code: RH53961In Stock
2 x Bottle(s) at £22.00 £44.00
Collioure Cuvée Majenca, Domaine Madeloc 2013 Code: FC27351In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £14.95 £14.95
Weinert Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 Code: AR4131Due in
1 x Bottle(s) at £13.95 £13.95
Costières de Nîmes La Ciboise, Chapoutier 2018 Code: RH54771In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £8.50 £8.50
Corbières Rouge, Domaine du Trillol 2016 Code: FC39001Due in
1 x Bottle(s) at £6.95 £6.95
Muga Reserva, Rioja 2016 Code: SP15611In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £16.00 £16.00
Domaine Jones Hairy Grenache 2019 Code: FC39211In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £13.50 £13.50
The Society’s Exhibition Pinotage, Stellenbosch 2018 Code: SA16281In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £11.95 £11.95
The Society’s Blaufränkisch 2018 Code: AA3061Due in
1 x Bottle(s) at £9.95 £9.95
South and South-West France: Top Wines Case Code: MX20283In Stock
1 x Case of 6(s) at £75.00 £75.00
Langhe Nebbiolo, Cavallotto 2017 Code: IT29101In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £25.00 £25.00

Lots of good choices in there - enjoy!

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Whoever came up with this thread is a marketing genius. I read and want to buy more wine. I am actually disappointed I have a delivery tomorrow, as it is too late for me to add more wine to it…


@tom, take a bow! :+1:


Oooh please share what the 874 2013 is like, very tempted to withdraw a few for Christmas


I was going to have beer tonight but you’ve convinced me to try this instead :smiley: will report back.


I was going to completely dodge the Christmas Fine Wine List, but based on a recent grower Zoom event it looks extremely unlikely now. That however will be another ‘basket’ thread, as the list is due on 1 November.


I notice Jancis has a review of TWS wine atm. Several are in stock after 2nd November, so I guess their fine wines.

I think I know who you are referring to, any of those wines in particular I should be considering?

She’s also up to Instagram Hi-jinks with Pierre fairly shortly.


I am not sure what wines will be offered, but will be on the lookout for a typical to an appellation varietal of a certain chameleon grape…

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Will definitely be watching that. Jancis HRH :grinning: