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What is in your basket? [September - October 2020]

I know it’s into September but I couldn’t be bothered making a new thread (I’m having one of those days, sadly), but just ordered some more Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes - ISTR that makes at least 18, but possibly 24, bottles this year (I stopped recording daily drinkers on CT some time ago, because of clutter by the ‘I can’t be botheredness’ above).

Also re-ordered a bottle of the Salvard Loire Cheverny (Sauv/Chard blend) because we thoroughly enjoyed it last time out, and a couple of new tries - Cotes de Thongue Syrah/Mourvedre, Punkt Genau Zweigelt and the Mantler Roter Veltliner.

We all have our opinions and our own personal relationship with TWS, but for me the £8 - £15 range is where it shines like a beacon above pretty much all others.


Here you go :grinning::+1:


Does that mean he gets the notifications or do you?

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Say… That’s an interesting question! :thinking:

I suspect he will - if you look at the summary it shows the thread as being created by @Tannatastic… I’m just the medium I suppose :grinning: :crystal_ball:


From @Inbar creating last weekend’s drinking thread from a post started by me, I can confirm it’s @Tannatastic who’ll get all the notifications.


Doh! I’m such as eejit! Should have remembered previous occasions… :woman_facepalming:


I’m sure @Tannatastic can turn the emails off (Unless he needs immediate notification of all impending community members).

Our neighbours have just returned from Duras and very kindly topped up at Grand Mayne for us . We are very fortunate and a winter drink at £5.50 a bottle immensely pleasurable.
We are doing their morning paper run and milk for two weeks as they quarantine. A very fair deal.


I have over 25,000 unread emails in my Inbox…

You lot are small fry. :sunglasses:


Depends what you have to milk… :wink:



Back home after 7 weeks away, these two just delivered. Just pondering which one to open first.


I had a bottle of this earlier in the year (it was in a mixed case 6 bottle white Burgundy offer) and it was one of my favourite bottle so far this year, probably actually my favourite. I’ve been checking regularly to see if a new vintage would appear, and I was delighted to see it listed a few days ago.

As a stop gap I bought some TWS Chablis, made by the same producer, which is good, but I recall the Sainte Claire being a different level.

A shiny red van is delivering a case tomorrow, between 630-830am! Poor driver, does he not sleep?! I suppose the traffic will be quieter so early in the morning.

Really looking forward to trying this wine again, I’m very happy.


It’s always a good day when a wine delivery comes:

Received these today, AND expecting the “Backing Our Growers” Fine Reds Case tomorrow

To my shame, my first English wine, and a good looking Amontillado.

Exploring some of Southern France, inspired by Katy Jones.


Here’s the “Backing Our Growers” Fine Reds Case - what a fine selection.

Will be trying the Crozes-Hermitage tonight, to see if I want to get a case. Hope it will be like the Papillon we tried a few weeks ago.

The Weinert & Pedroncelli are being reserved for the wine tasting event on 24th Sept, always so educational when we taste the same wine together.


From an auction:

Four bottles of Yann Chave Hermitage 2005 for hammer price of £110.
Even with auction costs should be a reasonable buy.


Good auctioning there Mark, out of interest which site was it?

No connection etc- Adam Partridge (as seen on TV).

They add wines and spirits to the end of their Antiques and Collectable Auction.

Some great stuff sometimes, but usually out of my price range.
Things like Palmer 1982, Léoville Poyferre 1966, which I was out bid on as it’s my birth year.
Large lots of mixed Italian, French , Spanish and New World.

He has a website with dates and contents. Just looked and the results are all online if you care to look at it.
Really missed some good buys, but I can’t have everything unfortunately.


Many thanks for this. Not heard of it and definitely worth a look for the future. :+1:

I am concerned about any possible Brexit problems in January so i started stocking up.

I have taken advantageof the Backing our Best Growers and ordered
one case of Côtes-du-Rhône, Domaine Jaume 2018

I have also ordered another mixed case comprising 2 bottles each of
Señorio de Sarrίa Rosado, Navarra 2019
The Society’s Beaujolais-Villages 2018
Aglianico del Vulture, Le Ralle 2017
The Society’s Exhibition Fleurie 2019
‘Cuvée Le Levraut’, Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2018
and one bottle each of
Duo du Midi, Pays d’Oc 2019
Graham’s Natura Reserve Port

It will bring my modest storage up to 34 bottles .