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What is in your basket [Sept-Oct 2019]

Couldn’t make the click and drag method work for me, so back to screenshot…
Delivered yesterday, this list is clear evidence of how suggestible I am. Grati, tick, Boho, tick, Bussieres, tick… But in a self-deceiving attempt to bring my £/bottle average down I’ve added in some everydays which I hope will suit the autumn evenings and whatever ends up on the plate. Should be my last order until Christmas, so long as I get along to asda for their Romanian treasures and ignoring, of course my annual 6 case download from reserves. And if anyone asks, of course I keep within the guidelines, these are just for show.


Oh look


Just weakened and ordered the Kumeu River mixed case. Damn you lot!


And a cheeky half bottle of gewurzt… when will that cork be seeing the light of day? #justasking

Ditto. On both counts.

Drawn in by the ‘2011 only available as a mixed case’…


Exactly the same…

just say the word and I’ll get it in the fridge

Well I can tell you what’s not in my basket, and that would be 12 bottles of our house white, Les Parcelles Loire Chardonnay. I saw it was down to the ludicrous price of £6.25 a few days ago, and parked 12 in my basket for ordering later in the week. And of course, I missed my window and it’s now sold out. The wife is bereft. Lesson learned.

Tempted to give this a go, as I don’t think I’ve tried any of them:


36 everyday slurpers to be ordered, if I can ever get the hang of a smart phone in the arthritic hands of a Northern Oick :sunglasses:

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Order to be received later this week…
6 bts Hortas Caseirinho
3bts Josephins Beaujolais
3 bts Tannat Syrah Aramis
12 bts Pelerin Pays de Caux
3 bts Society French Grenache
3 bts Society Corbieres
6 bts Domaine Mage Merlot Syrah


My sister wanted a few special bottles of red wine for her 30th birthday that she didn’t necessarily have to drink straight away. With a budget of £150 I picked out these. Hope I’m there when she opens the St Joseph (actually, and the others)


That’s a lovely Barolo :+1:


I’m sure she’ll agree

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Had to amend my order above slightly to include a couple from the Aus / NZ offer and one of the rieslings that had sold through.

Just hope to god my wife is not working from home that Friday, but my neighbours are in. It’s unlikely she’d ruin my happy moment and get all the bottles out, but if she links that one box to that one bill I’ll be in the dog house for the weekend with nothing but a nice box of wine for company.


It’s a risk worth taking… I think! :face_with_monocle:

I’m in a similar position this Thursday… I promised the hubby no more until Christmas order, and already squeezed a tired ‘alright’ from him about an October order from Alpine Wines- but I sneaked another one this Thursday :scream:. I may end up joining you in the dog house!


If my better half isn’t in the office on Thursday make that three of us…:blush:


Aaahh… the joys of a partner who works offshore :rofl:


Hahaha, brilliant :rofl:

Ha ha!

I’m on the completely opposite side of the scale then… my other half works in an office 5 paces from mine :grinning: