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What is in your basket [Sept-Oct 2019]



Les Haut Lieux (2014 vintage) was our wedding white wine (in 2016), so will always have a special place in my heart. Lovely classic balanced Loire SB. Collected from the TWS outpost in Montreuil, pbuh.


A big order this month - choosing wines to accompany three dinners. Highlights of the order include:-

We had the 2017 Burlotto Langhe Nebbiolo at home last weekend and it was superb. Will be interesting to see how the Vajra compares.

I have already put a case of this in reserves but have ordered more to go with a scallop dish.

This was my favourite wine at the TWS Languedoc-Roussillon tasting. Closely followed by this which I am hoping will work with both a chocolate dessert and a cheese board.

I have always liked Peter Lehmann wines so really looking forward to this - which I’ve selected to accompany a beef dish:-


If it’s anything like the 2016, it’ll be a stunner.


I’m hoping so… But it will need to go some to beat the Burlotto. If TWS offer that (I haven’t seen it come up yet - only the Aves Barbera) grab some.


Have tried very hard and finally cropped this down to 6 bottles I really want to try. With more tasting events planned in October and November, it’s going to be a tempting Autumn, but am trying to be very selective.
The Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spätlese, JJ Prüm 2012 looks to be a lovely, delicious wine and am seriously tempted by a case in Reserves with a bottle out every year or two…


You’re welcome. We were staying in Bourgeuil and also popped into Domaine de la Noblaie as it was only a short journey away. If your husband likes Chinon then TWS have bought recent vintages from there and the winemaker had several older vintages available for bargain prices.

A charming chap, gave us samples of everything he had to offer and kept us distracted for ages while our wives tried to distract the kids from tearing through the vineyard!


That’s another good recommendation, thanks! :grinning:
We have had their Chinon a couple of times, and recently really enjoyed their Chinon Blanc too!
Would love to visit them! :+1:


Last delivery of the year (fingers crossed). This one from TWS reserves. My first ever bocksbeutels, too (I expect the 2018 Wirsching wines to be offered by TWS soon).



That’s a great selection, I really fancied the Wirsching but couldn’t for the life of me work out how I’d store it in the wine cabinet…so it kinda pit me off a little. I have a feeling I’ll live to regret that decision… :disappointed_relieved:


Ah Ch Moncontour, that takes me back about 30 years or more! Used to love that wine which we could buy from a local wine merchant in the Milton Keynes area. Haven’t seen it for years but the memories are good, including their sparkling.


Ahh, that’s nice to hear, @JayKay ! I love the way wine evokes memories - especially if they’re good ones! :smile:

The reason I got this particular Vouvray, is because I drank their Demi-Sec Vouvray a few times - a delicious baked apple concoction - and wanted to try their Sec version. The Demi-sec is fairly easy to find in M&S, and usually goes for a tenner, so good value for money in my book! :wink:


If the 2016 Wirschings are as good as the 15’s you are in for a treat!


oooo @MikeFranklin you went for the Grato Grati as well. We picked up a bottle of each as I’ve had sangiovese over about 7-8 years old so I am really interested to see how it tastes!

I’m thinking a little xmas eve vertical tasting with a younger 2011 brunello…but in what order?!


Yes I am rather intrigued by them. Will be very interesting to try them. Also very interesting/odd how there are 7 years between them and yet they have the same drinking window from TWS; now to '22. If wanting a comparison I thought they should maybe be drunk alongside a Chianti.


Ah yes good point, i was thinking a delish brunello as it’s xmas :grin: but i do have a couple of chiantis to fish into. Either way, have something delicious with them!


I seemed to be a bit light on lighter reds, so picked a few to try. And thought I’d take the opportunity to join one of these online tastings I’ve been lurking around for 2 years…!

Mendel Mendoza Semillon 2017
Peter Lehmann Margaret Barossa Semillon 2012
Regina Viarum Mencia, Ribeira Sacra 2017
Saumur ‘Les Plantagenêts’ Cabernet Franc 2017
Pittnauer Pitti Red, Burgenland 2017
Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes, Thymiopoulos 2018
Etna Rosso Fondo Filara Nicosia 2016
Côtes de Provence Blanc, Cru Classé, Château du Galoupet 2016



All set for the October online tasting of two intriguing wines plus a couple of treats from the TWS tasting I was lucky enough to attend earlier in the year. Really loved the aged Albariño and this chianti and looking forward to reacquainting myself with them.


A Tip for Shopping Basket Posts

I’ve noticed that most people seem to be posting screen shots from various stages of the ordering process for posts in these threads, which seems to me a little laborious. So thought I’d share the way I’ve been doing it which feels easier and better to me.

I simply go to my order history (not sure if this technique works on the basket itself) and view the order I’ve just placed. Then I use click and drag to select and copy all the lines of the order and then simply insert that copied ‘text’ into the post. The result is this (which also happens to be my latest order):

It automatically builds a table and each element is linkable. Simples! :smiley: