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What is in your basket (November - December 2020)

I’m sure I read that on here somewhere so it must be true.



Self delusion is an illusion - I bet Shakespeare said that somewhere…


Some new Burgundies showed up on the list yesterday, including whites from 2014 and 2017. Sent a case of these to reserves, which I have always been eyeing up at EP time…

and a case of the Domaine de Montille , Bourgogne 2017, too, neither in the TWS window yet


Just in case you don’t know - that’s still extremely young for a Vin Jaune. The vintage given is the harvest, so it will be a 2019 bottling… I bought some Chateau Chalon from the Tissot shop in Arbois a couple of years ago and they more or less made me promise not to open it for 10 years - so 16 years from the vintage on the bottle!

That said, the sample we tried from the brand new vintage was already glorious, so I’m sure it will already be delicious, just a baby…

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Following the release of a pile of SA wines on another site, dipped my toes in with a small sample:
1 x Minimalist Stars in the dark Syrah
1x Leeu Passant Cab Sauvignon
1x Lismore Syrah
3 x Sons of Sugarland Syrah.

Still looking out for the Savage wines


They also have a few bottles of the Olerasay No.2, which is like gold dust…

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That was my experience, tasting this 2012 in my French wine scholar class - which left a deep impression:

No doubt these wines are built for the long haul - having spent 6 years and three months under the cuddle of flor, but the L’Étoile was so stunning already that I felt I owe myself one this Christmas (albeit from a different prodocer).

I think if the Badoz is also a hit, I may well invest in one more bottle, and forget about it for a while…


Mostly cellar defenders for the festive (?) period. Some items dropped out of stock in the few days my basket was open such as the Zarate :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and Oak Valley chardonnay. I’ve had both before and really enjoyed - hopefully they will reappear in a subsequent vintage. And I do have enough good/mature bottles I should be drinking before purchasing more around the £20. Looking forward to trying the recently listed Primitivo and the Aglianico.

1 Bottle SA15901 Great SA Wine Co Grand Blanc Stellenbosch 2018 15.50 15.50
1 Bottle SA16241 Perdebee Shiraz Darling 2017 9.95 9.95
1 Bottle SP15931 Luna Beberide Mencia 2019 9.50 9.50
4 Bottles NZ12011 Kumeu Village Hand Harvested Chardonnay 2019 10.50 42.00
2 Bottles BU74031 Domaine Cordier Macon Milly Lamartine Clos du Four 2018 14.95 29.90
1 Bottle SH531 Romate Fino Perdido 8.50 8.50
1 Bottle IT29601 Brindisi Rosso Vigna Flaminio Vallone 2017 8.50 8.50
1 Bottle IT30071 Primitivo di Manduria Archidamo 2018 11.50 11.50
1 Bottle IT29961 Aglianico del Vulture Armand Alovini 2017 13.95 13.95

Crazy price though - I bought the #1 not so many years ago for GBP23 IB. Think I’m a seller not a buyer!

In general looking at the prices across the board I think we’ve reached that point where SA wines are no longer in the value category.

Having said that here’s my basket - struggling with my willpower as to whether to push the button or not…

For example a 42 quid Cinsault really seems like not good value for money but its so tempting!


I am taking a chance on it with that hat on…

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Hi I was tempted by the Keermont. I have some of their different Syrahs in reserves but have not tried any of their wines yet. Have you experience of the Cab Franc?

No - have only ever tasted his red blends - I’ve found them to age very well and I think he’s a terrific and understated (read as a proxy for undervalued?) winemaker so I thought I’d buy a bottle to put aside for a few years since Cab Franc is my favourite single varietal grape.

I just received an email from Cru offering the Mullineux Old Vines White 2019 at GBP 100/6 IB - that’s 20% cheaper than L&W at 126/6 so a big discount/saving elsewhere if you can commit to 6.

The price difference is odd given that Cru also offer the 2017 Syrah at 115/6 while L&W price that at 105/6

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Had a look at some of those but in the end it was just a case of The Foundry Grenache Blanc that I’ve purchased every year for the past few. Excellent value at £54/6 IB.


Cheers for the heads up on the Minimalist. I only got one bottle of the 18 and it was great so will go for a few this time

Oooh I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for minimalist stars as have a case of the 2018, where has it landed ? L&W?

Only one way to find out :wink: … subscribe to DrinkRhone



Duly purchased :wink::wink:, I literally just checked before the weekend so thanks all for the heads up :+1::+1::pray::pray:.


Not WS but have always want to try this champagne. It’s our wedding year so we are going to have one bottle on our anniversary soon and then another on our 2030 anniversary (god willing!).

Good price I thought.