What is in your basket (November - December 2020)

First order for November…

3 Bottles CM23541 Pauillac 2016 Ulysse 22.50 67.50
2 Bottles LO15651 Cheverny Domaine du Salvard 2019 8.95 17.90
1 Bottle FC38361 Corbieres Blanc Ch Ollieux Romanis 2018 9.50 9.5

Having just ordered the above this popped on my in box, more temptation :cry:
Does anyone have any experience with this? Appreciate your thoughts as it reads well.

Familie Mantler Grüner Veltliner, Niederösterreich 2019

in stock

Familie Mantler Grüner Veltliner, Niederösterreich 2019

£8.50 bottle

£51.00 case of 6

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I’m waiting to see if anything appears first of the month…???

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That was my plan as well but I seem to have not followed the plan yet again so a few things ordered today for Nov delivery. :rofl:

SA16291 Glenelly Estate Reserve Stellenbosch 2013 3 Bottle
RH43271 Saint Joseph Mairlant Domaine Villard 2013 3 Bottle
US8841 Lemelson Thea’s Selection Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2016 3 Bottle
CM23541 Pauillac 2016 Ulysse 3 Bottle

So I pushed the button today but delivery is November!

CM23541 Pauillac 2016 Ulysse £22.50 2 Bottle £45.00 Regular buy
CM23391 2010 Ch La Garricq Moulis £25.00 1 Bottle £25.00 Try out mature Bdx new to me
CH771 Jules Camuset Brut NV £23.50 2 Bottle £47.00 Mum’s birthday!
RH57101 Vacqueyras Arabesque Domaine de Montvac 2018 £14.95 1 Bottle £14.95 Regular buy
CM23471 Baron de Brane Margaux 2010 £33.00 1 Bottle £33.00 Regular buy (for how long at this price?)
PW8131 Adega de Redondo Real Lavrador Alentejano 2019 £5.95 1 Bottle £5.95 Regular buy
IT27581 Chianti Rufina Riserva Villa di Vetrice 2015 £13.95 1 Bottle £13.95 Try out - loved Vecchia Annata
CM20091 Baron de Brane Margaux 2016 £30.00 1 Bottle £30.00 Regular buy (for how long at this price?)
IT29971 Biferno Rosso Riserva Palladino 2016 £8.50 1 Bottle £8.50 Regular buy
CM19361 Lacoste Borie Pauillac 2015 £27.00 1 Bottle £27.00 Try out (meaining to for years)
RH57501 Cotes du Rhone Rouge Guigal 2017 £10.95 2 Bottle £21.90 Regular buy
IT30461 Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore Capitel San Rocco Tedeschi 2017 £18.00 1 Bottle £18.00 Try out (Loved my first Ripasso)


What do you make of the Montvac Vacqueyras. My regular buy is the Exhibition Vacqueyras which is a couple of ££ cheaper. Worth trading up?

To be honest I’ve not had the Exhibition so I can’t compare directly. It packs a lot of lovely flavour in it and I love it but that’s about as much as I can say. This and Domaine des Genets from Delas have been my go to Vacqueyras for a while (I should do more experimentation in this appelation really) and I do love them. But I haven’t noticed the Delas one for a while now. I really should give the Exhibition a try. (so many wines and so little time!)

Sorry, probably not much help there!


@MikeFranklin Thanks Mike. I think I’ll trade up for Xmas and try the Montvac…

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Is what’s in my basket!


Not sure if joining the society was a good idea…


I have added this wine to my next order:

I have recently watched Tim Atkin present some Alicante wines on probably YouTube, linked from Twitter and two of the six were Moscatel. This might have been one of the two. Will post the link if I find it.


Here we go… same wine.


Two purchases today.

First from TWS a case of this has gone into reserves.

Missed out on this earlier in the year but it is back in stock. The one review on the website isn’t exactly glowing but expert reviews elsewhere are very positive.

In Asda this morning I grabbed six bottles of this

95 points in the Decanter World Wine awards 2019. Originally £15, reduced to £7 and then an extra 25% off for buying six. Total cost£31.50 - so roughly six for the price of two. It will have to be pretty poor to not be worth that. Hopefully a real bargain.


A number of purchases most to reserves however Saint Joseph to try now on the hope that if it’s good and there is any left I can put a case in reserves.

Sylvain Pataille Marsannay Rouge 2017 On sale 7 bottles. :dragon: recommended :+1:
Foresco Umbria Barberani 2018 On sale 2 bottles
Ciro Rosso Gaglioppo Santa Venere 2018 ORGANIC On sale 2 bottles
Pegasus Bay Aged Release Riesling 2009 On sale 6 bottles
Saint Joseph Rouge Domaine Gripa 2013 On sale 1 bottle :dragon: recommended :+1:
Xinomavro Naoussa Dalamara 2017 Organic On sale 6 bottles


for now and

into reserves for such times as we can see enough people to justify opening magnums*

*or possibly having one each with a straw on Christmas day and then sharing the third on boxing day as hair of the dog.


Now looking like that’s going to be my last order for the foreseeable. Upon reflection it was probably rash to have gone ahead and ordered it the way things are moving. If we get the lock down on Monday (which from a health perspective I approve of and actually think has been left too late) then my business might, just might, survive (with a big debt) if everything is open again in April. :frowning:


Its really nice and an absolute steal for the money. Details escape me right now, but ISTR something vaguely Loire-ish about it.

Edit- actually that may have been the Roter Veltliner! :thinking:

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Sorry to hear that Mike, really hope it works out ok.

It might hurt, but you can always cancel or reduce your order if needs must.


thanks mate!

I’ve thought about it but, actually, saving a couple of hundred pounds in the greater scheme of things isn’t going to make much difference. But certainly no more orders until we see the light, that’s currently conspicuously absent, at the end of the tunnel.


This is an excellent plan :+1:

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A nice surprise. Was scheduled for a delivery next Monday as per my previous post but low & behold message form courier for delivery today! A few new ones I wanted to try…

Don’t you just love opening that box when it gets delivered!