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What is in your basket [Nov - Dec 2019]



I’m really trying to stay away from Waitrose offers at the moment… or anyone’s offers, to that matter! :grimacing:

Having said that, a couple random bottles fell into my basket in Aldi; a 2017 Petite Sirah/Petit Verdot blend from Monterey, CA called Odd Lot, and a weird looking wine from the Pfalz called Black Star, which is a blend of two grapes I swear were made up: Dunkelfelder and Cabernet Mitos :thinking: This wine was very well reviewed by Fiona Beckett (albeit a different vintage), so looking forward to see what it does to my palate…

The heavy reds theme continued in Lidl with a 2016 Rasteau (£8.99), which I can’t find on their website, but is looking rather inviting. I wonder if anyone had tried it?


Yes, I had that Lidl Rasteau, it was nice, and I will buy it again, but will not make a special trip to get it. Good luck with staying away from the Waitrose Cellar 25% off offer, it covers nearly all of their wines…


Yeah, absolutely this. I just took delivery of 16 bottles from TWS today, and have another top-up order of 6 coming next Friday, (3 of the 2015 Ulysse Pauillac, a bottle of the Torracia Nebbiolo, Bougrier Loire Chardonnay and a bottle of the Ginglinger Cremant d’Alsace Brut Prestige) so I really don’t need anymore right now.

But it’s 25% off. And I have a voucher for £12 off when I spend £60. Surely it makes sense to just do a little bit of Waitrose shopping? Everyday bottles only, no Musars etc. Scout’s honour.


I’ve had plenty of the 03 (mostly thanks to Waitrose!) It’s a good wine, of course, if not one of the best vintages (I think the TWS case is very nicely crafted in this respect).

As regards the everyday bottles from Waitrose, I have been consistently disappointed over the last few years when looking for fillers for Musar and Bosconia orders.


I created this order a wee while ago but set the delivery date to the end of November to concide with my return home from the south. A dangerous practice I have discovered! It started with the Lebanese case, then I just had to add a couple of the Ulysse then the Musar case came along.

MX19295 Inbetweeners Lebanese Case £102.00 1 Case of 3 £102.00
CM23181 Pauillac 2015 Ulysse £23.00 2 Bottle £46.00
MX19251 Chateau Musar Case £160.00 1 Case of 6 £160.00

Now I suspect I might have to add a case of these early drinking Bordeaux.

It’s really all a bit expensive but it will be my last order before Christmas and possibly before heading over to the Alps in January for three months (yeah right!)

Not sure whether to end that with :smiley: or :frowning:


My Waitrose had the 2001 Musar, so got some of those and Boekenhoutskloof Chocolate Block at the -25%.

Has anyone had both the '99 & the '01 Musars, and if so how do they compare?


I have both but haven’t tried the '01 yet………. but soon!


The 2001 is drop dead gorgeous. May even prefer it to the 99 right now. You’re really lucky to find this in Waitrose!


So much for a wine buying embargo until January. Just couldn’t resist a case of this Decanter 95 point Chilean Pinot Noir.


Went with the Musar case in the end along with a few other bottles… has to be my last wine purchase of the year…


That’s good to know, thanks. Got the last four, including the main display one. . . .


I have had both, but not together or even recently enough to make a fair comparison. I had the 2001 about three or four years ago, and I have had a couple of bottles from a half case of the 1999 in the last year. The 1999 is a wonderful wine, and when I opened the second bottle of it my immediate reaction was that it was a bit OTT…however 2 hours in decanter and it shone! I suspect that I would need to try the 2001 now to make it a level playing field.

Unlikely to go for the WS case as I’m already quite long on the 1999 and 2008 vintages. Still got a bottle of 1993 kicking about too.


Haven’t had the 93, but I did have the 91 last year and felt it was a little past its best, for my taste at least. Just a bit too light.


I received my delivery today with a nice surprise inside. I placed my order in late October and as part of it requested one bottle of the 2006 Domaine Rollin Pernand Vergelesses ( whilst it was still in stock!)

This my morning I received an email saying the PV was not available but they substituted it with this …

Result ! A Premier Cru instead of the village wine and from a better vintage. It’s not currently on their website and am not sure if they sold it before. Anyway I might have just found my Xmas day red to go with the Turkey🍾


I keep seeing things that I want to buy! Two orders delivered in the past month, and a rapidly growing wish list to boot. Might have to sneak another order in before Christmas. Loving my journey of discovery & everything I’ve drunk so far from TWS has been really lovely. So happy I joined :smile:


You’ve got what is officially known as the Forum Bug. Prognosis to your bank account isn’t good, but it’s worth it in the long run :smile:


:smile: Very sure I can’t afford it… Will have to work harder and longer so I can indulge. Love learning from everyone here and picking up ideas of new wines to try! Such fun.


I’ve definitely spent much more on wine than I normally would do since I joined the forum earlier this year. I’m hoping it’s “first year “ syndrome - can’t afford many more years like this year :laughing:


I’d hate to depress you…but certainly in my case the spend just goes up and up… :sweat_smile:


I did add the Bdx case to my order today; the third addition to the original small order and after I’d done I told the lovely lady that if I asked to add anything more to this order she was to tell me very sternly ‘NO’. Got a giggle from her and promise that she would be very firm with me should I make such an attempt! :relaxed: