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What is in your basket [Nov - Dec 2019]



The 2008 doesn’t even seem to be a particularly remarkable vintage for the wine…at least as far as JLL is concerned giving it a whole 3 stars. Not sure if it’s a lack of availability vs demand for older vintages, or more evidence of wines sitting on broking lists at heavily inflated prices


Just delivered this morning…


Any views / experiences on (elements of) this mixed case would be appreciated…


For those after a less expensive aged Cornas offered under market price, this has also just appeared:


I bought a case of this earlier this year on the back of the Rhone tasting, exquisite stuff… I think it was £54 a bottle then.


Compared to the so-called Burgundy and Rhone “bargains”, the Musar looks like a ridiculous “bargain” IMO. Of course these days the latter word is relative :roll_eyes:

Btw, Zárate makes the very best albariño around, IMO.


I had (6 bottles of) the 1999 Musar, it is a fantastic wine.


Had lots of the 99, in fact throughout the time I’ve been a wine geek, from about 2004 onwards. I think this is a nice case - the 2008 is an excellent vintage too, I think, and the 2012 purports to be as well. For me this one was a no-brainer - Musar to me is at least as great a wine as all those lauded (and much more expensive) Rhônes and Burgs.

Do you know those two Cacik wines, btw?


Tempted and glad to see it’s restricted to just 3 bottles per member, so no profiteering, hopefully.


Agree it’s decent value given where other wines in this class are going (or have gone). The 99 can still be found in places but is now commanding a premium. 2008/12 may be available when Waitrose next have a 25% off sale but you can never be sure what vintage arrives. I would be a buyer if I didn’t have other wines on my buy list right now - although give me a few days and I will have weakened :wink:


Waitrose have been on 2003 so long I doubt they’ll ever stock a later vintage (esp given how rubbish they have become generally!).


Indeed. I often buy it in halves from Waitrose. Last batch I ordered was in June 2018 was the 2003 vintage. My previous order in October 2015 was 2008 vintage.


No, I have not had them yet, but bought both now, so will try them soon enough. My expectations are high as their Frankovka (Blaufrankisch) was very well received in the online tasting in this community (which I missed). I am also on a mission to try and try more St Laurent from not Austria (failing miserably).


I drank the 2011 earlier this year. Good wine, but still very tight. Worth ‘investing’ if you can wait though (although I personally would just buy a full half-case of decent German Riesling instead for the same money).


Whether these are actually needed or not is debatable. To avoid an inevitable internal argument later, most likely when trying to fall asleep, I felt compelled to send six of these to reserves immediately…

…TWS drinking window is conservative and I’m in no hurry to broach.


I’ll second that. I drank one bottle of the 2011, about 18 months ago. It’s excellent, but I’m in no hurry at all to drink the remaining two. Very happy to have them, though.


Embee. I have the 2015 Yalumba Eden Shiraz Viognier in reserves. The WS drinking window starts at 2020. Do you think this is too early? Would appreciate your view.


Yalumba make a vast array of wines and I’m not sure which one yours is and some fine Australian wine can often develop at a glacial pace.

If it’s the ‘Y series’ wine I’d be inclined to go with the drinking window advised. If it’s the more limited ‘hand picked’ version I’d give it a couple more years on top, before personally, giving it a go.

My opinions only !

That said, I’ve never had a duff wine from Yalumba so fingers crossed you’ll be impressed when you do pull it.


Damn this forum…haven’t logged on for over a year and I’ve been on here for 5 minutes and the Musar Trio case is in my basket


You’re not alone, I was on a self imposed wine buying hiatus but just caved…