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What is in your basket [Nov - Dec 2019]

Christmas basket anyone… with a new Fine Wine List and potentially a Germany 2018 showcase imminent… what is in your basket?

This has just became available on TWS… perhaps a sneak peek at the Christmas list.

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… and of course the Tomáš Čačík Svatovavřinecké 2017 that was highlighted at the press tasting will also find its way to the basket, once the fine wine list is out.


Shhhh… same here! :shushing_face: :smiley:

Incidentally, I also noticed that there’s another offering from him - a Pinot Blanc which sounds enticing:

Might pop this into the xmas basket as well. It’s a work in progress, for sure (the basket, not the wine!) :thinking:

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To those interested in lighter reds - there is currently a 25% off a St Laurent from Weingut Hartl in Waitrose. I think the offer ends on Tuesday. I certainly availed myself to some… :+1:


PS - note the ‘reminiscent of a good Pinot Noir’ in the description…:sleeping::sleeping:

Chaillot for 120 quid… Lunacy! Paid about 35 not that long ago

May be tempted by one or both of the Cacik wines… What are they like in style?

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Even more mind bogglingly… that £120 seems to be significantly below the current market for the wine.

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That is crazy, as @suiko says, I too got some for about £35 not too long ago at all. Is Northern Rhone going the same way as Burgundy… :scream:? Sincerely hope not…


I do believe @szaki1974 has tried this? I have one in the garage which has been there for a while, i’ll get around to it yet.

Blimey. had a little look back at some ep offer notes. 2010 for £238/6. Now look.

I bought Grand Terrasses instead. Good thing I buy for drinking and not selling :laughing:



Hi, well I am loving my first case from TWS so I have put in another small order to see me through Christmas (just personal drinking). What’s on it’s way:

Samos Anthemis 2012 50cl
Viognier Gres du Trias Vignerons Ardechois 2018
Gamay Puy de Dome Saint Verny 2018
The Society’s Celebration Cremant de Loire 2016
The Societys Exhibition Sancerre 2018
The Society’s Exhibition Fleurie 2018

Excited to try these out :slight_smile:


It already has done! As has Barolo.

The Allemand has been floating around the list for a while. It’s one of those cult northern Rhônes now that is much loved by American collectors - Benetiere is another - and that has driven the price up stratospherically.

A December order just placed, though probably not the last one. There’s the Alsace growers tasting on the 12th, which no doubt will result in an order, and a local wine merchant’s Christmas tasting which always ends in some purchases… Sheesh! the wallet’s on fire! :crazy_face:

Of the myriad bottles of both favourites and new stuff, looking forward to:


Some CdDP and Xinomavro also present, as well as Cremant d’Alsace, Arbin de Savoie and Californian Merlot… Now I need to lie down.


Better be quick with the Musar case…

Your Order

Chateau Musar Case Code: MX19251In Stock
1 x Case of 6(s) at £160.00 £160.00
2017 Schlumberger Grand Cru Riesling Case Code: MX19247In Stock
1 x Case of 6(s) at £129.00 £129.00

:rofl: (quickly logs in and places order)


I just popped up the road to the Cellar Showroom, in the lashing rain, for my last order before Christmas:

Particularly chuffed to have rescued the last 3 bottles of Brioso!

Now to cut up all my cards so I can’t be tempted by anything else between now and the New Year…


The emerging additions which will make up the fine wine list are pretty horrendous for our collective solvency. Barbaresco, northern Rhône and village Burgundy at what are basically cost prices. Argh…