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What is in your basket [May - June 2020]

No, you just pay the shipping. It is worth looking at the postage as you add wines to it, I think it goes up in increments of 12 bottles.

You probably should :star_struck:

If there has one thing that the Thursday tastings have shown me is how 1 dimensional my ‘cellar’ is. Predominantly red Bordeaux blends and chardonnays (mainly Burgundy some US). Plus the posts in this community constantly give me wine envy.
Well it worked, I’ve just placed an order for 180 quid with TWS (not including my hot-headed Bin5 order).

In addition to the mandatory rosé I’ve added some Beaujolais, and a bunch of different Italian wines, plus the Exhibition Sonoma Pinot that I ‘accidentally’ drank after the tasting was cancelled. Also 4 bottles of the Vin d’Alsace blend because I’m practically addicted.


A couple of white magnums for end of the year, been meaning to try the Viognier for ages as well as the Thymiopoulos wines. Not sure why the frascati, maybe it’s just been too warm and sunny? Cava, well, why not.


We have friends up the road from you who are saying the same. They are hoping for a trip south once the lockdown eases. Perhaps if you order some Rosé for June the weather gods will look favour favourably on Ecosse.

Cricket is a whole different challenge and one wonders how this will play out… few games late summer perhaps…but it’s hard to see how this is going to work except behind closed doors .

Heavily influenced by the Mac Forbes Zoom event.

GR1571 Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes Thymiopoulos 2018 £10.95 2 Bottle £21.90
AU22671 Mac Forbes Woori Yallock Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2011 £31.00 1 Bottle £31.00
AU22661 Mac Forbes Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2018 £19.00 1 Bottle £19.00
AU22311 Blind Spot Barossa Montepulciano Blend 2018 £10.95 1 Bottle £10.95
BU63871 Jean Philippe Fichet Bourgogne Blanc 2015 £20.00 1 Bottle £20.00
RH53881 Grignan les Adhemar Delas 2018 £8.50 1 Bottle £8.50
SA15581 The Liberator The Good The Bad and The Sangiovese Western Cape 2003 £13.95 1 Bottle £13.95
AA2871 Ebner-Ebenauer Alte Reben St Laurent 2015 £20.00 1 Bottle £20.00
AU22601 The Society’s Exhibition Victoria Shiraz 2018 £14.95 1 Bottle £14.95
AU22271 Blind Spot Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2019 £13.95 1 Bottle £13.95
AU22231 Blind Spot King Valley Garganega 2019 £9.50 1 Bottle £9.50

Apart from the Xinomavro, all are new to me.


Placed this order a week ago but with delivery in June. The inspiration for the first four wines was Freddy Bulmer who kindly recommended some Austrian wines when
I asked during a tasting of related things. The other 6 were the start of a plan to try a bottle each of the things on my wish list, and to develop a broader selection than the piles of Sangiovese and Nebbiolo I seem to have accumulated.


All the Austrian bottles are fantastic! Would love to hear what you think in due course! :+1::grinning:

I’ll gladly report as I try them. :grinning:

The Zweigelt and (Pepp) Riesling are fairly straightforward, but would be particularly interested in what you think of Birgit Braunstein’s wine. Enjoy! :grinning:

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Inbar, following on from previous posts regarding CF I have been offered the following, and wondered if you had any experience of this (or at least the producer)?
2019 Chinon, Logis de la Bouchardière, Serge et Bruno Sourdais]

I have very little experience in Chinon, this has just been offered at £7 ib. Is it a good cheap introduction to this region before splashing out on some more expensive ones?

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Domaine Sourdais is a good place to start, in my opinion! The Society also stocks their wines, so you could give this one, from 2015, a go before committing. I recently had it and really enjoyed it (I would link my note from my post, but doesn’t seem to work on the tablet :thinking:). TWS also stocks his 2011 Cornuelles which is also excellent vfm - again, you might want to try it, and see if you like the style. We had the 2010 Cornuelles for my husband’s b/day only a couple months ago, and it was so delicious! The current WS page of it has no info for some reason, but here’s the info from My Wines.

However, if you just wanted to take a punt, at the price you’ve been offered I can’t see it being a huge risk. I have enjoyed the Domaine’s wine and being a fairly classic Chinon, would be a good way to start exploring this area.

As an aside, I got a bottle of his Clos Noire, which was ‘discovered’ by our good old SA Liberator - much pricier, but looking forward to trying it in due course…


Hope this helps! :blush:

EDIT: just realised the link for the 2011 didn’t work - hopefully fixed now.

Grrrrrr! Doesn’t want to link it… Just have a look at the list, I guess… Sorry!

This is my 24 bottle ‘Wish List Exploration Ubercase’ which is on its way in mid-June.


That Sourdais wine is consistently excellent and the whilst not as cheap as it used to be, I reckon from a decent vintage it still over delivers at £7 IB


Apologies again that none of my links worked, @Wright1103, and the last one was showing as out of stock… bad luck all round :smiley:

Here they are again:

As there are no notes, check out the old notes (albeit for the 2010):


Both were thoroughly enjoyed by me and my other half (who is the real Cab Franc worshipper in our house).

The Liberator one is:


Looks like @Jcbl also thinks the Le Logis will be worth your punt, so enjoy if you are getting it. :clinking_glasses:

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I agree always good and still VFM

Thank you all. I will probably add a few bottles to my reserves to try.

Not planning on making an order with TWS but will probably change my mind.

Mixed Rosé selection, 1 Picpoul and some Olive Oil all received in good order this morning.
Summers definitely here this week so perfect timing. Shame there’s no Test Match or any live cricket to watch the weathers perfect


A couple of magnums of Gallimard Pere et Fils Cuvée Réserve Brut NV from Noel Young Wines. A Blanc de Noir, the style I prefer. Very good value at £51.
Youngest daughter’s 21st tomorrow, so my instinct as a father is to throw a party for her. I’m sure you’ll all support that intention…


How’s your eyesight? Maybe you could drive her to a local castle?


I think DrEM might have double vision after a couple of magnums of champagne!! :laughing: