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What is in your basket [May - June 2020]

I wonder if this is related to all of the goings on on the “Can you believe this?” thread.

Currently have a glass of this in my hand. And I can confirm that it is delicious. Tempted to add more to the reserves…

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To all that are interested in Rosine Syrah 2016, I can thoroughly recommend it!! :wink: :+1:

This is the EP price, rounded up by round £0.30, which is terrific value.
I would buy some more, except that I have 27 bottles :open_mouth: :open_mouth: in reserves! :wink:
I got put onto this wine in the Rhone EP 2015 campaign, by mistake - a glorious one as it has turned out. I really enjoy Lezardes as well, although pricier!


It’s in the basket for my next order.

I have a case of the '18 EP, but that’s at least a couple of years away from arriving, let alone drinking!

Speaking of… Amounts TBC but it’s looking like this is the current basket. Plenty of inspiration from people here (this is along with the already on their way Mystery bin end and a case of the Conde de Haro 2017 Cava)

Côte-Rotie, Domaine Clusel-Roch 2009
Blackbook Winery Clayhill Vineyard Chardonnay 2018
Furmint, Péter Wetzer 2018
Thymiopoulos Rapsani Terra Petra 2017
The Liberator ‘The Good, The Bad and The Sangiovese’, Western Cape 2003
Domaine Ogier La Rosine, Collines Rhodaniennes 2016
Blau, Montsant 2018
Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes, Thymiopoulos 2018


Turned into singles of each, minus the Cote Rotie and blowing the budget and more on


Nice selection.
I’m keen to hear what the Liberator Sangiovese is like when you get round to opening it.

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I’ll you posted. I have a feeling this will be gotten through rather quickly. I am really excited to try all of these wines!


Damn saw your comments on Liberator and went to create a mixed case of 3 of them with 3 La Rosine, but guess what the later is now out of stock.

I blame certain people on here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Two orders in the pipeline. The first ordered before the single bottle option was open.

A case of each

Grignan les Adhemar Delas 2018 On sale

The Society’s Prosecco

Then when the ‘embargo’ on single bottles i ordered a mixed case. This was very much influenced by recommendations from the community. My taste buds tahnk you for that but not my wallet

Pinot Blanc Domaine Paul Ginglinger 2017
Rose Duo des Plages IGP 2019
Minervois Chateau Sainte Eulalie Rose 2019 On sale
Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes Thymiopoulos 2018
Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie Ch L’Oiseliniere de la Ramée 2016
Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie Domaine des Ratelles 2018
Kumeu Village Hand Harvested Chardonnay 2018
Framingham Marlborough Classic Riesling 2018
Cotes du Rhone Chateau Courac 2015
Cotes du Rhone Rouge Guigal 2016
Grignan les Adhemar Blanc Cuvee Gourmandise Domaine de Montine 2019


Harsh but fair!

As it happens L&W have 2016 for £12 ib so I picked up 3 along with a few from their new Loire offer. TBH I was blaming (in a humorous way) Taffy-on-tour for promoting it regularly :smile: however it has worked out well in the end.


You will not see me “promoting” Riesling nor Malbec," so knock yourself out!!
I just happen to like some wine types, pay for research that can have a high price and I just get on with it.
For example Bollinger Grande Annee 2012 is expensive (£95/bottle) and will be worth the money BUT Bollinger Grande Annee 2008 will probably be a legend, £98/bottle. Note that my experience with Bollinger 2005, has been variable, some great - others truly disappointing.
There are some unbelievable bargains and even great wines on the WineSociety.com website from time to time. Some I miss :cry: but others I am fortunate enough to truffle out :wink: :grinning:; it still is a learning experience.
If I have one tip to pass on, the more effort (and time) that you put into the search, the greater the sheer pleasure and delight you will get from the time expended. You cannot expect to be handed gems on a silver platter, all gift wrapped, we should all know by now that life or the quest for “the one” is easy!! :wink:


I really take a lot of note from what you say particularly about Rhône, which is a shared love. My missus says I spend too much time looking up wine. I have a few trusted sources but always check prices to make sure I am not getting ripped off.
Three successes recently Tondonia Reserva for £16 ib, Ormes de Pez 16.50 and Guidalberto, Tenuta San Guido for £17.50 ib


Nice! Discovered a new source?

[crosses self] :roll_eyes:


I like the label.

3 of each…

…a present for a friend’s birthday. I’ll be planning a visit. :shushing_face:


Yes, you said I should try the Foradori single vineyard wines. First time I’ve ordered from them, so will keep all my fingers and toes crossed until it arrives.

In the absence of any TWS Bojo offer I’m quietly building my own mixed case containing two of each of the following:

Any thoughts or suggestion welcomed. I’ve found enjoyment in most Beaujolais Crus in the past but tend to favour Morgon, Moulin a vent and Fleurie as the above list demonstrates. Happy to branch out though.


Hope you like them!

Who did you get it all from? A few names I don’t know in there!


Me too. I got 8 (of the cheapest possible) Nebbiolo, 3 of the Valentina Cubi Valpolicella and 1 of the Ca Dei Frati rosé for my dad. The rest is for me. I don’t know some of the names either, a few random picks in there for sure.

From Italvinus - hope they’re good and can deliver in time - should be here by the last week of the month.

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