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What is in your basket [May 2019]



Have just put together a good looking little basket of sole drinker friendly half bottles that might get ordered this month… or it also might get changed if I make my mind up about the next online tasting

Apple juice practically free…

What is in your basket this month?


What a lovely selection of halves that is.

So I don’t feel regret at a later date, six of these were placed in reserves on Saturday…

…to replace the mixed case of 2015 Mosel kabinett that was pulled last week.


Placed this order for delivery 17th. :smile::+1:

Quantity Code Name Price/£ Total/£
6 Bottles FC36431 Picpoul de Pinet Domaine Felines Jourdan 2018 8.50 51.00
3 Bottles GR1441 Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes Thymiopoulos 2017 10.95 32.85
1 Bottle RH38432 Half bottle of Crozes Hermitage Dom de Thalabert 2013 Paul Jaboulet Aine 13.95 13.95
2 Bottles IT27311 Isola della Fiamma Nero d’Avola 2018 6.50 13.00
3 Bottles IT26191 Foresco Umbria Barberani 2016 Organic 9.95 29.85
3 Bottles GE11691 Riesling Trocken Kunstler 2017 13.50 40.50
3 Bottles IT26351 Alvolo Aglianico del Vulture Alovino 2015 16.00 48.00
3 Bottles GE12331 Spatburgunder Markgraflerland Martin Wassmer 2016 14.50 43.50
3 Bottles NZ11051 Framingham Marlborough Classic Riesling 2017 13.95 41.85
3 Bottles FC35951 Minervois La Liviniere Cuvee Cantilene Chateau Sainte Eulalie 2016 13.50 40.50


Nothing in the basket this month, after quite a bit of spending and first EP… BUT on our pilgrimage to Stevenage for an event in June, I shall make up for it with a real, as opposed to a metaphorical, basket in the Showroom… Mwahahaha :vampire:


Just got this one on the back of a recommendation from a shop in Germany (of all places). First time trying Cinsault from SA. What’s the overall veredict ?


I saw this in the mail order catalogue of Manufactum (an amazing shop, if you haven’t visited yet). The areas is know for its monks / monasteries and the famous drink (Chartreuse). As for this wine, I am diving into the unknown here, but keen to hear what other members think about the region and the wine.


I tried a slightly more expensive bottling from the same producer and it was quite good. Unfortunately, it is no longer available, so I am giving this on a try. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, both on the producer and this specific wine.


Time to try a few more of these (usually cracking) community recommendations, along with a few favourites. This dozen have gone straight into reserves until we finally move house. I won’t hold my breath on trying them any time soon :roll_eyes:


Made some additions, saw this come back into stock yesterday, has been one of my favourite wines from TWS, was gutted when I was only able to by a case before it went our of stock. Grabbed 2 cases, price was even discounted :smile::+1:

Added a case of this:-


Picpoul De Pinet, I really should have added a few bottles to yesterdays order. It’s such a lovely summer wine.


I was also looking at this in the morning… on the success of another Donnhoff Kabinett we had recently. Might still be tempted.


This was the appealing point for me "The Kreuznacher Krötenpfuhl Riesling Kabinett has a “cooler acidity” than the Kahlenberg, says Helmut Dönnhoff, so he considers it as the better vineyard to produce a fruity Riesling with more residual sugar" hoping there is some potential to be used as a dessert wine??

Good bit cheaper than the one highly rated by @VinoVeritas at the tasting., possibly that’s the one you are referring to @szaki1974


Just put together an order for this week…also picking up a few of the Ferraton St. Joseph, as well as a couple of bottles for a lunch next weekend:



I really loved the 2016 of this but was disappointed by the 2017. Haven’t tried the newest vintage…


Can’t really get anything this month but got a bit trigger happy and these just got confirmed. Delivery in a couple weeks so definitely ok :wink: Just six bottles so had to jiggle around a bit to nudge past free delivery.

Welcoming SB back to the fold on the back of an enjoyable Loire example last week, looking forward to trying different cuvees from the same producer and vintage. Then there’s some Beaujolais - a re-order and a recommendation from the TWS Taste session. Gotta get the 10th en rama anniversary. And finally a fresh English white which I shall either share with an old uni mate from Texas visiting next month, or drink with Felicity Cloake’s asparagus and brown shrimp recipe, or possibly both at the same time.,

Quantity Code Name Price/£ Total/£
1 Bottle SH1301 Tio Pepe ‘En Rama’ (2019 bottling) 14.95 14.95
1 Bottle EN1391 Three Choirs Payford Bridge 2018 9.50 9.50
1 Bottle BJ7871 Jean Paul Brun Les Pierres Dorees Beaujolais L’Ancien 2017 11.95 11.95
1 Bottle LO14791 Pouilly Fume Cuvee de Boisfleury Domaine Cailbourdin 2017 14.50 14.50
1 Bottle BJ6711 Dom Coudert Clos de la Roilette Fleurie Cuvee Tardive 2014 13.95 13.95
1 Bottle LO14621 Pouilly Fume Les Cris Domaine Cailbourdin 2017 14.95 14.95


Damn… wasn’t planning to buy but the W/S has just put a load of good stuff on bin end so just ordered a mixed 6…
Kreuznacher Kahlenberg Riesling Dry Donnhoff 2015|£20.00
Kaseler Nieschen Riesling Kabinett 2017 von Kesselstatt|£12.95
Hochheimer Stielweg Riesling Alte Reben Trocken 2017 Kunstler|£18.00
Chardonnay Baden Bercher 2015|£22.00
Johannisberger V Riesling Kabinett Johannishof 2017|£11.50
Syrah, IGP Collines Rhodaniennes, Ferraton 2017|£10.50


If anyone interested, this is in stock now.

and this…




Took advantage of the discounted case offer and placed these in reserves:-


At £12 a bottle and £8.25 a bottle, have to be bargains. :+1::smile:


Nothing in the basket for immediate delivery as we only get 2 deliveries a year over here. But am seriously considering adding the below 2 for my “Christmas delivery”.

I also have the below on route at the moment


Unfortunately I cant order single bottles or mixed cases so any decision on a wine means you are going all in