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What is in your basket? [June 2019]



There is a lot of reduced German wine on the list. Karthauserhofberger wines are in my experience very good in general. A close second on the Ruwer perhaps to Maximin Grunhauser. Wines tend to be slightly dryer than MG. I’m lucky enough to have a bit of 2015 Ruwer, but may pick up the odd bottle of these.


This is now available, not for long I suspect.


You are a bad influence - was already having a week of nerding about Italian reds and now I’ve put two of these into reserves, along with two each of:

plus the French cuckoo in the nest:

Plan is to pull the case c. 2025!


Any views on the


A small reserves withdrawal delivery from L&W today. The Chablis is the second bottle of my TWS EP case.

The wines are actually from 4 sources all happily sitting in Vinotheque now.


@szaki1974 you have impeccable taste in Aussie winemakers…


This has just appeared on the website. Couldn’t resist. I have recently opened the first bottle of a case of Burlotto ‘17 Langhe Nebbiolo. If this is up to the same standard a real treat is in store.


What year are the Haismas? My 2017s - the Bourgogne and Syrah/Grenache which I think is the ‘walkabout’ have just been delivered.


2017, he has only just started with the Bogan label. It is actually the Syrah and the PN-Gamay blend.


Yes I have a feeling I’m going to regret not getting some of the Gamay blend but the Bourgogne looked too good a shout at that price and you can’t buy a case of everything you want to drink! Will be interested in how the Syrah blend is drinking when you get to it


In the boot rather than the basket, we have Urbina Rioja Reservas and Gran Reservas, Gomez Cruzado Rioja Blanco, fino and Manzanilla, Txakoli, oodles of Chateau Vari Monbazillac, some Tour des Gendres Bergerac, and Vouvray sec and Touraine Blanc from the Caves des Producteurs in Vouvray. Plus a case of wine for some friends. We are complet vis a vis wine!

Back home soon after our mini tour of northern Spain and France, taking folks by surprise with our ability to utter words and sometimes whole sentences of grammatically incorrect French in a terrible accent. It is appreciated even if they sometimes reply in English to prevent us doing further harm to their beautiful language.:woozy_face:


I don’t know if this is new on the list, but the Vajra 2017 Barbera is available as well at the same price.

Should hopefully be an interesting comparison!


Recently listened to the I’ll drink to that podcast with Vajra, very engaging.


It was a tough call between the two. I went for the Burlotto largely because I thought it would sell out faster. Roll on pay day when I will be ordering a case of Vajra - if there is any left!


A very peculiar bottle landed in my basket - a Waitrose basket, not TWS (to my shame!). It’s a still blanc de noirs single varietal Pinot Meunier from the Kentish winery Simpson Estate. I do love a curio every once in a while… really intrigued as to what this will taste like!



Ordered this along with another 4 cases of mixed wines. Enough to fill up my wine racks for now, and will just add small orders to keep things topped up.


I’m going to open the first of my two bottles tonight so will post some notes in the midweek drinking thread tomorrow.

Hoping it will also shed some light on when to broach the single bottles of the 2015 and 2016 which remain untouched in the cupboard.


That is a great spot; I’d be interested in trying that, so will trundle along to Waitrose in Canary Wharf tomorrow lunchtime to see if they have any…


@Inbar & @Cormski - I hope you’ll let us know what that wine is like.

Oddly enough I bought a 100% Meunier red (from Victoria) a couple of weeks back. Not yet tried…


You may find that you have to order it online, @Cormski. It’s from Waitrose Cellar, and they don’t always stock stuff (especially limited/not run-of-the-mill bottles) in the actual shop. I stumbled upon it whilst shopping on-line, so ordered as part of my groceries.