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What is in your basket? [June 2019]



I was browsing for a limited number of bottles that make up a free delivery… and got lucky, so put these two bottles in the basket with early July delivery. I know a new Fine Wine List is imminent (middle of this month)…

Ata Rangi has been long on my radar, so just pounced on this one with some age (you will not find this wine at this price elsewhere, add at least 50% I think)… The Barbaresco is the one I got EP in 2013, so a sneak preview of a younger vintage if that makes sense (this has been on the list for a while now, it nicely completes the free delivery for £75).

What is in your basket this month?


That Barbaresco should be a treat! Great review in Wine Enthusiast:



We visited Ata Rangi in 2017 and I was a bit underwhelmed by the red selection they had to taste (and the fact they charged for it). It was all far too young to really enjoy which was a shame, but I do get that they can only allow you to taste what they have in sufficient volume to sell. The one exception was their Crimson, which drank pretty well at a young age and their Chardonnay made the visit worthwhile

So I too was delighted to see an aged bottling on the list and snapped one up. I’ll be in no hurry to open it but when I do I hope to really see what all the fuss is about!!


Nothing yet, but I’m impatiently awaiting the Rose offer and Bordeaux ep. Ideally the Roses will be here in time for me to have delivered before I go on holiay so I can enjoy when I’m back :smiley:


Mind you @szaki1974 might note the drink dates “Drink 2023–2035.


That is probably not going to happen…


Finally put my order through, to be collected from Stevenage at the end of the month… a few bottles are completely new on me - so really looking forward to trying something new in due course!


I’m curious as to how you managed this. I had a Bin #001 sitting in the order I was building slowly and it was kicked out about a week ago when the Bin #001 went out of stock?


Which is around the time I put my order through (sorry, my ‘finally’ sounds like I did it this morning - perhaps I should have said ‘finally managed to tell you about my order’). Perhaps if I waited for a couple more days it would have gone from my basket too.

Incidentally, I had the Domaine Tempier Bandol sitting in my basket for a while (I did start this order a few weeks ago), and that disappeared by the time I was ready to go ahead, which was really disappointing. Ah well! Win some lose some, I guess.


I ordered six bottles this morning for collection tomorrow including the two verdelho’s for the guerrilla tasting later this month.

Also, another bottle of the Bulgarian dimyat orange wine which I can’t get enough of. ( the six pack is now down to three remining ).

A bottle of Bertrand’s Fitou ’ Les Megalithes ’ 2016 which I enjoyed very much in previous vintages.

The Anjou Rouge ‘Poil Des Lievre’ 2017 from Domaine Les Forges and finally this bin-end…

….which, one hour later, is now out of stock !


Well, if you find yourselves in Somerset with nothing to do, let me know and I’ll pull the cork on one :+1: :clinking_glasses:


You might live to regret this invitation, @Herbster! :grinning:
Always wanted to see where PJ Harvey is from… :wink: :+1:


Thanks for reminding me about that Chinon Blanc. I’m not sure but I may have tried it before in 2014, when it was simply labelled Chinon Blanc and in 2016 when labelled ‘La Grande Ourse’.

They could be separate cuvees but with so little Chenin Blanc grown in Chinon I’d be surprised. Either way, both wines were excellent and very good value for money.


Any time! But right now, I’m gonna go listen to Rid Of Me! :guitar:


One of my favourites by her! Such kick-ass delivery. She’s awesome! :star_struck:


Ah I thought that was probably the case! You obviously acted just in time. I, on the other hand,… did not! :smiley:


That Julienas was lovely!


I continued my wine shopping today - I’m on a roll - using birthday vouchers given by the other half. Got 6 random bottles at my local(ish) Butler’s Wine Cellar, the two of which I’m most looking forward to sample are an Alto Adige Chardonnay (from Nals Magreid - it’s their top site for the grape, I believe):

And a 2015 Pinot Noir offering from Folding Hill:

A few more day-to-day bottles too, including a Zweigelt, an Albariño and a South African rosé from Percheron, which are yet to disappoint with their straight-forward but quaffable wines.

I’d better go and do some revision now. I think I’m procrastinating! :roll_eyes:


I visited the vineyard last year and the wine maker said that the WS had been buying his wine for a few years, but I didn’t think to ask about the name. We picked up a few bottles of this (among others) after tasting. He suggested that this wine would be fine for 10 years, which I thought was a bit of a stretch. Very vigorous acidity though, so keeping one back for curiosity’s sake.

Incidentally, he had some great aged cabernet franc for sale at exceedingly reasonable prices if anyone is around that area.


Thanks for the info. TWS drinking window is until 2021 but that might be on the conservative side if it’s similar to other Loire cab franc’s I’ve tried ( mostly Chinon ).

Looking forward to trying it ( slightly chilled ) as it’s a very reasonable price. Could be a reorder too if it meets expectations.