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What is in your basket? [July - August 2020]

Yum. Lovely basket.



With summer coming back topped up on Rose , summery whites mostly plus a touch of sherry based on recommendations and TWS Olive Oil. Ordered today and arriving on Saturday mostly anyway. Fabulous. No complaints

1 Bottle LO15701 Saumur Rose Les Plantagenets 2019 7.95 7.95
1 Bottle FC38621 Domaine Felines Jourdan Les Fruites Rose IGP Pays d’Herault 2019 6.95 6.95
1 Bottle KI74011 Litre of The Society’s Finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100cl 10.95 10.95
1 Bottle IT28461 Nero d’Avola La Ferla Sicilia 2018 7.50 7.50
1 Bottle IT30181 The Society’s Falanghina 2019 8.95 8.95
1 Bottle SH571 The Society’s Fino 15% 6.95 6.95
1 Bottle LO15411 Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie Domaine des Ratelles 2018 7.95 7.95
1 Bottle IT29761 Alpha Zeta Rosato Veronese 2019 6.95 6.95
1 Bottle PW8041 Adega de Redondo Mare Viva Rose Alentejano 2019 6.50 6.50
1 Bottle PW8011 The Society’s Vinho Verde 2019 6.95 6.95
1 Bottle AR4231 Catena Cabernet Sauvignon Special Selection for The Wine Society 2018 11.50 11.50
1 Bottle CE10741 The Society’s Chilean Chardonnay Limari 2019 7.50 7.50

I just got a case of 2017 Pommard, Les Petits Noizons, Domaine Sébastien Magnien delivered for £15.75 a bottle. An absolute steal!!


Is that from BBX?

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BBR ! They have a big sale at the moment and I ended buying 3 cases so far


Just arrived:

Including the cava & rosé for the tapas tasting later this month


My resolve not to buy more wine failed ( no doubt that may sound familiar )and these were picked up this morning…

1 x Mosel Riesling 2018, Dr Loosen- £9.50
1 x Navarra Rosado 2019, Senorio de Sarria - £6.95
1 x Blind Spot King Valley Dolcetto 2019 - £9.95
1 x Niederosterreich Roter Veltliner 2019, Familie Mantler - £8.95
1 x The Society’s Fino - £6.95
1 x Tavel Cuvee Prima Donna 2019, Domaine Maby - £11.95
1 x The Society’s Cava Reserva Brut - £8.95
2 x Mencia 2018, Silice Viticultores - £19.00

At least most of them were under a tenner though !

But as there were 3 spaces left in the case I felt obliged to fill them with these…

… I’m not blaming @Tom_R by any means for the Soave but you didn’t help my resolve with the glowing review ! As there was only one bottle in The Showroom, and it’s now OOS, it felt like destiny. Seriously though, in the past I’ve found it to be a lovely wine and in many ways I prefer it to ‘La Rocca’ where the oak, for my taste, obscures Soave’s typicity.


I’ll be interested to hear what you make of the Finca Las Lomas is like.

Had a quick look at the BBR sale, the Andrew Wills and Tablas Creek wines look like real reductions in price too. Still not cheap but they’re tempting. Don’t know the Magnian but 15 quid for a Pommard sounds pretty unbeatable.


They are selling some 2016 Gevrey Chambertin from Mortet for £42 a bottle. The picture is of a Denis Mortet bottle so it looks an absolute steel. But if you read the description, it’s actually Arnaud Mortet’s wine for sale!! There will be some very disappointed customers when they receive their wines!


@strawpig I’ll try to let you know when we open it.

Don’t even go there for at least ten years :wink: The rewards are sooo much greater. Even more so with current prices :roll_eyes:

@Embee I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Following the community does tend to lead to more spend!

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Also prefer the Calvarino to La Rocca. Big fan of Pra and Inama Soave too.

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You’re not wrong there ! Unless it’s corked I’ve every confidence I’ll enjoy it as much as you did. Hmm, and I see the 2018 is now available too !

The wines from Pra have so far passed me by but I’m fan of Inama too. I’ve only tried them a few times but I’ve never had a bad one.

After mulling over the Bordeaux EP offer for a long time I think it will be just a case of 12 x 375ml Beaumont for me. Lots of decent recent vintages to buy from if I have a Bordeaux urge that will be ready for drinking now/soon. And just splurged some money in the bbr sales! Buying more for immediate pleasure with some reasonably priced decent Burgs.

2018 Pulenta Estate, Chardonnay, Mendoza, Argentina
2016 Vinsobres Rouge, Domaine Chaume Arnaud, Rhône
2017 Mâcon La Roche-Vineuse, Vieilles Vignes, Olivier Merlin, Burgundy
2016 Marsannay Rouge, Cuvée St-Urbain, Domaine Jean Fournier
2016 Beaune Rouge, Les Aigrots, 1er Cru, Domaine Sébastien Magnien, Burgundy
2016 Marsannay Rouge, Clos du Roy, Domaine Jean Fournier, Burgundy


Quick order of ready drinkers to fill the cooler for a few days away, and barbecues, with friends:

SG2891 Fairmile Vineyard Classic Cuvee Brut NV 2 Bottle
US9061 Once and Future Oakley Road Vineyard Zinfandel 2018 2 Bottle
GR1601 Rapsani Terra Petra Thymiopoulos 2017 3 Bottle
SG2731 Albourne Estate Brut NV 3 Bottle
SA15451 Thistle and Weed Nastergal Tempranillo Alicante Bouschet 2018 2 Bottle

But Arnaud makes the Denis Mortet wines - are the wines made under his own name much worse?

Tried my first Decantalo purchase:

Montecastro 2016 16,67 £ x6 16,67 £
Mullineux Syrah 2017 21,66 £ x6 21,66 £
Heinrich Pannobile 2017 23,49 £ x6 23,49 £

Will be interested to see how it goes. Especially looking forward to the Heinrich Pannobile from Austria. The South African Mullineux is for drinking in a few years’ time. I thought their selection of Austrian wines is impressive.