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What is in your basket January to February 2020

Just tried it wow. Guess I will be buying more than one bottle next time available or on EP. Just the nose was enough to know I was in for a treat


Curse you Wine Society and your glossy marketing. Just flicking through the Best of Bordeaux at the weekend before consigning it to the recycling but succumbed to a case of 6 of these.

No immediate plans to drink and hope to have the patience to let them slumber in Members Reserves for several years.


After successfully staying away from Rhone 2018 EP… case of this found its way to reserves, fits my rebalancing the cellar objective though (drinking till 2035…)

Two other interesting half bottles that may yet be ordered this month:

Half bottle of Val de Loire ‘Collection’, J Mourat 2018
Half bottle of Bleasdale Bremerview Langhorne Creek Shiraz 2017


Might want to check that drinking window, unless you love an over-the-hill Bordeaux :wink:

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Thanks… 2015 would have been silly. :slight_smile:

Looks lovely by the way. I just can’t quite bring myself to spend £25 on half bottles. Give it another year as part of this community, however…

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You do have a point… I also had second thoughts and decided not ordering.

Sorry to hear that. Great wine with a great drinking window, but…

Just placed this order. We didn’t make the white Rhône v Burgundy tasting but on the basis of comments curious to try the Macon. Giving a miss to the Rhône 2018 EP offer but ordered a few to taste- so may be back for more! A few wines on special and two of the three for the next online tasting which hopefully we can make.
Order details:

Quantity Code Name Price/£ Total/£
1 Bottle BU70791 Domaine Cordier Macon Aux Bois D’Allier 2017 13.50 13.50
1 Bottle RH54581 Cairanne Cotes du Rhone Villages Les Bruneau Domaine Delubac 2018 12.95 12.95
1 Bottle RH54141 Syrah IGP Collines Rhodaniennes Ferraton 2018 11.95 11.95
1 Bottle FC35381 La Clape Blanc Chateau Rouquette Sur Mer Arpege 2017 9.95 9.95
1 Bottle NZ11071 Anna’s Way Nelson Gruner Veltliner 2018 8.95 8.95
2 Bottles NZ11061 Zephyr 6 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2018 7.95 15.90
1 Bottle IT28371 Langhe Nebbiolo Rizzi 2017 12.95 12.95
1 Bottle RH54031 Laudun Cotes du Rhone Villages Blanc Chateau Courac 2018 10.25 10.25
1 Bottle IT27061 Langhe Bianco Vigna Meira Luigi Einaudi 2016 14.50 14.50
1 Bottle FC36701 Cote Roannaise Eclat de Granite Domaine Serol 2018 11.50 11.50
1 Bottle JU1481 Vin de Savoie Mondeuse Terres Rouges Jean Francois Quenard 2018 12.95 12.95

Yeah, can’t imagine you’ll get the Santo Spirito for that. I think I got my 2010 from them, and paid about 22 quid, I think, back in 2012. Second their appalling service, btw - don’t think I’d buy from them again.

We will have to see when L&W check it in - I have been sent proof of delivery now

Had this delivered recently

RH49601 Saint Peray Prestige Dom du Tunnel 2016 £28.00 1 Bottle £28.00
LO11911 Chinon Cornuelles Domaine Sourdais 2010 £13.95 1 Bottle £13.95
IT27621 Aglianico del Vulture Armand Alovini 2016 £14.50 1 Bottle £14.50
CE10311 Marques de Casa Concha Etiqueta Negra D.O. Puente Alto Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 £16.50 1 Bottle £16.50
FC34411 Cotes du Roussillon Villages Tautavel Clos des Vignes Domaine Gardies 2015 £17.00 1 Bottle £17.00
AL14861 Gewurztraminer Roche Roulee ORGANIC Dom Zind Humbrecht 2017 £20.00 1 Bottle £20.00
FC31751 Minervois la Liviniere Grand Vin Chateau Ste Eulalie 2015 £22.00 1 Bottle £22.00
IT20991 Barbaresco Pajore Rizzi 2013 £25.00 3 Bottle £75.00
SA15081 The Foundry Roussanne Stellenbosch 2017 £11.95 1 Bottle £11.95

Such are the glowing reviews on this community about The Foundry’s Roussanne that I’ve placed another order for a 6 pack to be delivered next month before actually tasting it.


I’m quite excited to be picking up 21 bottles from reserves on the weekend:

Year Description
2014 Ridgeview Jewels Case (3)
Mixed Vintage Champagne Trio Case
2014 Thelema “Mint”, Cab Sav (6)
2010 Château Gloria, Saint-Julien 2010
2010 Château Pibran, Pauillac 2010
2012 Château Angludet, Margaux 2012
2014 Château Lagrave-Martillac, Pessac-Léognan 2014
2010 Domaine de l’Eglise, Pomerol 2010
2012 Château Puy-Blanquet, Saint-Emilion 2012
2010 Nyetimber Blancs de Blanc Brut
2013 Nyetimber Tillington Single Vineyard Brut
2003 Nyetimber Classic Cuveé Brut

And pleasantly surprised to have £13.50 credited to my account for the pleasure…


#Showoff :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Birthday treat.

IT27261 Brunello di Montalcino Gianni Brunelli 2014 £35.00 1 Bottle £35.00
US8311 Brazin Lodi Old-Vine Zinfandel 2016 £12.50 2 Bottle £25.00
FC37831 Madiran Ch de Bouscasse 2010 Brumont £19.00 2 Bottle £38.00
CM17731 Ch Croizet Bages Pauillac 2010 £30.00 4 Bottle £120.00
FC29551 Mas de Daumas Gassac Rouge 2014 £25.00 1 Bottle £25.00
IT24621 Barolo Terlo Vigna Costa Grimaldi Luigi Einaudi 2014 £33.00 2 Bottle £66.00

Happy birthday, @JosK ! :clinking_glasses: :tada:
And no doubt, very happy drinking! :smiley:


…it’s not everyday someone gives me £13.50 back, so obviously I’m pretty stoked about it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:


Is that the collection discount?

If so I might have to bear that in mind a few days before my storage fee bill is due

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Yes. And that’s exactly what I’m planning to do with it, leave it on account towards my storage fees which fall due in March!

Unplanned order, but in need of halves atm and these seem perfect for the everyday drop. Also got a bottle of that ximinivriojkfio everyone talks about to take me into free delivery :truck: