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What is in your basket January to February 2020



A cheeky little unplanned order thanks to @Herbster (Burgundy for drinking now)


Still a bit dazed and confused as to why I placed an order, though very much looking forward to trying them:

  • The Soave many years from now
  • The Pernand Vergelesses as I’ve never tried red Burgundy with a few years behind it
  • The Pajore Rizzi Barbaresco with/against the Nervo Rizzi Barbaresco of the same vintage that’s lurking in my cabinet.


I had a bottle of the Rollin 2006 in October. It was lovely with some duck.

I’m staying away from my TWS wishlist and basket for now…


Now that I’ve safely placed my order I’ll point out for anyone who hasn’t noticed that the Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc is on offer in the bin ends at 12.50 pb, a very good price I think.
Also Cremant de Limoux Antech at 12.95. However no prizes for guessing what I’ve ordered.


My Curious Case and Mischief Case turned up at 7am this morning.


What great cases. Brilliant start to the week.


Alas it’s already gone down hill from there. My TWS van driver is always apologetic when he turns up! Most confusing!

(I’m nearly always the first delivery of the day, which works for me as no-one has to stay in for it!)


An eclectic mix

Should keep us entertained Til the light improves


Anybody tried The Foundry Roussanne 2017? Wanted to try something new. Heard good things about it. i was wandering how good it was.


Also. Does anybody know if Ch Musar is Grenache free in the blend. It’s just my wife has a bad reaction to any Grenache in any blend. Just wanted to make sure. Pretty certain the 2012 didn’t contain any.


Doesn’t look like it



Thank you. Was 90% sure it was fine!


Have had a couple of bottles and about to add a few more to my basket this month.

You wont be disappointed. Its a lovely, generous wine and I’ve had uniformly positive comments from everyone I have served it to.


I second that! A lovely wine - floral, ripe and well-balanced. :ok_hand:


Great. I look forward to trying The Foundry as soon as possible :grinning:


The Foundry’s Grenache Blanc is also superb (and vg value) - but not sure if TWS do that (Lay & Wheeler do). I haven’t tried the Roussanne, but will add one to the next order! Thanks for the heads up.


Yes. I think there is a Viognier too. Think it’s out of stock at the moment in the wine society website.


Wasn’t buying any wine for the next few weeks until I spotted this. Not cheap but at least half the current market price - if you can find any.


5 bottles of this from same vintage also available…


Ah gutted i missed that Tondonia. The GR blanco is a treasure and that price is a steal.


Try Vinissimus or Decantalo, sometimes its available on either one of these sites.