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What is in your basket January to February 2020



On reflection, easier accessibility might not be an absolute blessing.


Thanks @szaki1974, just when I thought my basket was sorted!


The pdf for Germany 2018 seems to be skewy. Think the first kabinett page is in the wrong place. @Ewan, are you able to have a look?


There are also some interesting cheaper wines in the Dare to Discover showcase.

Pretty delightful selection of relatively cheap wines. These two stood out for me:

Bononia Estate Gamza 2018 - This grape is better known on this forum as Kadarka, perhaps. I won’t buy it on principal, but then I am stupid that way.
Mitravelas Red on Black Agiorgitiko 2018 - Finally a varietal Agiorgitiko, will put this in my February order.


Some delicious choices in there! The Xinomavro Thymiopoulos is definitely one of my favourites. The Hungarian White is wonderful for the price in my opinion and the same with The Society’s Southern Spanish Red, absolutely brilliant value. Enjoy!


The Bononia is a real bargain. Good varietal character, only slightly inferior to more expensive Kadarkas I have tried on the W/S list. Bulgaria is a go to place for me for sub £12 reds at the moment.


Nice selection for a starter pack! Lots to enjoy. It will be interesting to get your feedback.


We’ve gone for an unmixed case in the sale. We loved this wine at the online tasting last year

No idea why it says it is no longer available as it seems to be in plentiful supply🤔


The URL seems to have the ‘Historic Product’ bit in it - which usually relates to out of stock stuff. This is the correct URL:


Interesting. I linked from my order of a case of 12 via the special unmixed case offers. And it is still available, I placed my order today. Anyway, good for folks to know it is available by the bottle too.


Ah, you’re right! In which case this is the link:



Just had a 2008 Rubicon last night that was delicious!


Had been holding out for January sales but not much of interest out there.

Having not spent elsewhere, happy to have added these to Member’s Reserves.

Ardanza is a regular purchase for me. Have tried Kumeu River’s other wines but not the Mate so pleased to have tucked away 6 of these.


I wonder how many times I’ve almost bought the Ardanza. Something else always trumps it out of the basket, which really isn’t fair on it.

Maybe 2020 will be Ardanza’s year for the Herbster household :wine_glass:


image https://www.her.ie/life/12-ways-to-keep-irish-people-happy/238270

2010 is a Seleccion Especial after all!


Not me! (and apologies for the double negative).

I’m on a self imposed ‘no-wine buying’ January (which i thought was the next best thing to not drinking in January - which just wasn’t going to happen), but this might tempt me…


DO IT! You will not regret it , but 2009 AND 2010 do you can compare :wink:


I’m trying to cut down new spends and start drawing down old ones instead this year. Not sure how long it will last.

A few to look forward to next week (and drinking from Feb onwards…):

The fizz I bought last Jan in the sale and wanted to give it a bit of bottle age.


The Thalabert experiment commences!


Pressed the button on this. Trying some half bottles to see if I like these wines and, as there were no halves of Barolo was “forced” to get the 26 quid one. Anyone had the Rose? Would be interested to hear how you found it.