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What is in your basket January to February 2020



First ever order, only just learning & basically don’t know what I’m doing… should be interesting at least!


If this is your order when you don’t know what you’re doing - your future’s bright! :+1: :wink:


Yep, some lovely choices there! :wine_glass:


Cracking selection! Enjoy!


Great stuff in there , let us know which ones are your favourites :wink: :+1:.


I was doing so well with that fine wine list (nope … no thanks … not now) until I got to the 2010s page right at the end.



The Trevallon had to happen just to make up for not getting allocated the 2015 - it even managed to kick the Exhibition Hermitage out of my basket.


And I’m sure they were all just so you could order the TWS tannat taste bottles with no delivery costs…


How did you know…! :laughing:


I’m guilty of very similar!


My basket overfloweth again, so will need to call the husband at some point to cull it. He’s VERY good at that sort of job, unfortunately :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I got a few bottles there which I’m looking forward to having again/try for the first time, such as:

New one on me!

Love this one!

Who doesn’t like a slightly aged Chinon??

I’ve always got time for Marcillac in my life


The amazing Pinot Gris and Gewurz I tasted on Wednesday’s course are also there, and I am quite tempted by the Vertical Château Juguet

Perhaps I need a second job, though! :thinking:

1 Case of 12 MX19311 Great Savings Premium Selection 122.00 122.00
2 Bottles SA14761 The Liberator The Francophile Chenin Blanc Stellenbosch 2018 6.95 13.90
3 Bottles FC35361 Languedoc Pourquoi Pas Chateau de Valflaunes 2017 9.95 29.85
3 Bottles NZ11051 Framingham Marlborough Classic Riesling 2017 11.95 35.85

The new year is rushing past and it’s high time for a showroom visit so I’ll be going next week to pick up this order and hopefully find a few other interesting bottles.
Also sadly to make my first ever returns, namely of Costa Koyle Pinot Noir. I enjoyed the 2013s which I thought were excellent, but I’m struggling with 2015s. Just seems to have an extra taste of something I don’t much like though I can’t identify it precisely. I’ve tried a few but can’t see my way through the rest of a case.


That is really interesting. I very much like the 2015’s and was somewhat disappointed with the 2016 which was different and less to my taste. I thought the 2015 was very full-bodied, which is unusual for PN which are normally much lighter. Perhaps that is what you didn’t like?


Damn you fine wine list…!

Needed a few whites anyway so ordered for delivery in a months’ time - hope there aren’t any stock discrepancies in the meantime. Thorne and Daughters red is a must-try, hopefully it will be in the lighter style of SA grenache and cinsault I’ve recently encountered.


I bought and very happily drank a case of the 2013. About a year ago I bought a case of the 2015 and have now tried 3. They’re certainly drinkable but there is a slightly bitter taste I get in the middle of my tongue which stops me enjoying them.
Somebody said “maybe over-extracted”. I wondered about some slightly unripe fruit. I just don’t know and I’ve considered trying another bottle every few months, but after 3 tries I decided that was enough. I don’t mind the full body; in fact I think it’s a bit lighter than the 2013. Anyway there will be another 8 or 9 bottles available from Monday afternoon if you’re interested!


Received this order last week whilst I was down south:

It’s a mixture of some old favourites, some new first timers and the tannats for the TWS tasting.


I received this on Friday, along with some EP reserves withdrawals

SP14521 Cuevas de Arom Pedra Forca Garnacha Syrah 2016 Price:£59.50 Quantity:1 Case of 6 SubTotal:£59.50
AU21731 Yalumba FDR1a Eden Valley Cabernet Shiraz 2013 Price:£120.00 Quantity:1 Case of 6 SubTotal:£120.00
FC35341 Domaine Richeaume Rouge Tradition 2016 ORGANIC Price:£16.00 Quantity:1 Bottle SubTotal:£16.00
LO15001 Coteaux du Vendomois Le Carillon de Vendome Cocagne Blanc 2018 Price:£8.50 Quantity:1 Bottle SubTotal:£8.50

Vergelegen Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Stellenbosch 2015. Quantity:6 Units

Lirac Chateau Mont Redon 2016. Quantity:6 Units

Gigondas La Tour Sarrasine Clos des Cazaux 2016. Quantity:6 Units

Meerlust Estate Rubicon Stellenbosch 2015. Quantity:6 Units


I odered these three to be delivered tomorrow…

…and then put in an order for these 5 for delivery in February.

Framingham Marlborough Classic Riesling 2018
Frappato Fondo Filara, Nicosia 2018
Viognier La Combe Pilate, Collines Rhodaniennes, Chapoutier 2017
Carignan Mont Baudile, Domaine Aupilhac 2015
Thorne & Daughters Wanderer’s Heart Cape Red Blend 2018


Thanks for the heads up. Yet another one for the wish list. Or to replace something in the already full basket that I’ve so far resisted pressing ‘checkout’ on. Six days and counting so far. Will my willpower eventually succumb to temptation ?

If history repeats, odds on it will !

Not me. I’m coming to the conclusion that resistance on my part is futile !


Did visit the showroom today and found a few tempting bottles. Well, there were actually lots of tempting bottles, but you have to make some attempt at restraint.

(Whole bottles not half)

and a Californian Shebang white. Not sure this list is working quite right but did get the Jurançon Geyser and the Chant des Vignes so that I can re-check the differences.

I do like the showroom and would enjoy it even more if it didn’t involve going nearly half-way round the M25 in each direction. Pretty free-moving today luckily so all good. Obviously quite thirsty work though!


Oh bollocksGermany 2018, just online… No no no.