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What is in your basket [January - February 2021]

Along with the Radikon and Gravner, I’d like to throw Dario Princic into the ring as well, although I prefer his Pinot Grigio to the Ribolla Gialla.

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He needs an Atlas


As expected, dry jan pushing up the spend on wine this month (but not the consumption)

6 Bottles BU37321 Pernand Vergelesses Rouge PC Les Fichots Domaine Rollin 2005
1 Bottle SP16051 Cuevas de Arom As Ladieras Garnacha 2016
2 Bottles BU61181 Domaine Coche Bizouard Meursault Ormeau 2014
1 Bottle AA3021 Grabenwerkstatt Grabenwerk Gruner Veltliner Wachau 2019
1 Bottle US9041 Au Bon Climat Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir 2018
1 Bottle US9221 Ridge East Bench Zinfandel 2018
1 Case of 6 CE11241 Marques de Casa Concha Etiqueta Negra D O Puente Alto Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
BBR 6 * 2018 Bourgogne, Oncle Vincent, Olivier Leflaive, Burgundy

Need to keep some powder dry for EP season.


Just received a delivery including some Beaumont Chenin Blanc. The back label carries the message “Don’t drink and walk on the road, you may be killed”. Not sure if this reflects on driving habits in South Africa, or is perhaps a sign that the police are taking the drinking ban rather seriously!


Nothing to do with the ban. I’ve seen it on SA bottles for quite a few years now. Always make me smile.

Edit: maybe it’s nothing to smile about… I wonder if it actually happens :thinking:

In the Christmas period 2019/20 there were about 600 pedestrian fatalities on South Africa’s roads.

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Might have to get one of these:

It’s a bit £££ for me, but it’s our 10th Wedding anniversary in April, we got married in the Hunter and we both love semillion with a bit of age, so it’s clearly meant to be.


Sounds perfect for the occasion. I lusted after this but It’s not to be, hope you enjoy.


I tried the 2009 at a tasting - absolutely wonderful!


I have read that walking on the roads at night in SA is very dangerous indeed, regardless of whether you’ve had a drink. Can’t remember exactly why but I think it was the lack of road lighting, lack of road markings, perhaps lack of vehicle lighting, and also a fairly cavalier attitude to driving.

It definitely is a serious issue (though the message makes me smile too!).

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I had a 1999 which we drank in November 2011 which was superb. I have the 2006 nicely cellaring for a few more years.


Crystallum to reserves

Wetzer Leithaberg, Rollin and Jaboulet to see me through this particularly miserable Jan/Feb alongside Vincent Paris, Ogier, Bouissiere, Charvin, Terre Nere and David and Nadia from reserves

If ever there was a time for the big guns it was now. If anything else goes wrong I’m going after the Benetiere with a straw.


Just a small order, but I’m excited about all of them - especially the ‘G’ :smiley:

Quantity Code Name Price/£ Total/£
2 Bottles BW6891 G de Chateau Guiraud Bordeaux Blanc Sec 2019 (organic) 15.50 31.00
1 Bottle BU37321 Pernand Vergelesses Rouge PC Les Fichots Domaine Rollin 2005 30.00 30.00
1 Bottle HU1331 Leithaberg Blaufrankisch 2017 Peter Wetzer 21.50 21.50
1 Bottle HU1321 Kekfrankos 2017 Peter Wetzer 14.95 14.95

Dry wines from Sauternes really are a treat!

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Very excited. And much cheaper than Ygrec!

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Have you had any others? I really like the Rayne Vigneau version too, but that at the “G” are the only two I’ve had.

Never. That’s why I’m so excited!


The dry white wines from this former Sauternes estate owned and run by Dom. de Chevalier are excellent and VGVFM.

Clos des Lunes: Legendary


Given how much I enjoy their wines, particularly the white (one the rare occasions when I am that flush!), I think this becomes a must try for me.

Me too! Thanks @Claret1961. Is it a case of ordering directly, or is there a UK stockist?