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What is in your basket [January - February 2021]

Popped this into my next delivery, limited to one per member.


Thanks again for this recommendation. I bought as you recommended at £87 for 6. It was a bargain at that price. It’s very high quality. Should have got more etc. This is steak wine.

Shiny red van bought me some free wine ready for sitting in the garden!


I also received that exact same free wine 2.5 weeks ago for the exact same purpose. Nice box hey!


Given how sunny it is today, there’s a bottle already in the fridge. I loved the 17 (I only had one from the mixed case) so very excited to give this a go!


It was the 16 that converted me in that mixed case. Walks downstairs to place a bottle in the fridge…


I seem to be unlucky. This bottle was decidedly not what i was lead to believe it would be. I found it had an acidic aftertaste and was certainly not worth £29.00 However i am not trying for another credit note because I got this on a credit note for two bottles that i was disappointed with. So effectively i got 3 bottles of disapointing wine for £29.00.
It does put me off trying wine over £20.00 again.
I have been drinking WS wine from California for £13.50 which tasted much better than my £29 wine!

Using a credit note to discover you may not like expensive red Burgundy is almost a win! :grinning:


certainly an interesting experience. It was my birthday which was a bit of a nuisance. However i also opened a bottle of

Which I had a small glass and another small glass today and that was lovely !