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What is in your basket [January - February 2021]

Ive also just had the Vespolina and Lugana delivered… Havent tried the Vespolian before but really love the Lugana :]


Yes, not had the 2019 yet, but if the last three vintages are anything to go by, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.


I would pour it straight from bottle into glass and let it unfurl from there. Maybe pour the first glass 10 mins ahead of time but that’s about it. A 10 year old village Burgundy should be ready to go and they tend to evolve well in glass.

Ps. Nice treat for your credit note :slightly_smiling_face:


Continuing the ordering for our next Zoom tasting - Chile Challenge - I’ve been slinging the net beyond TWS’ waters and found a few tasty-looking bottles at The Sourcing Table. Unfortunately there is a minimum of 6 bottles for free delivery, so with my arm twisted right up behind my back, I was forced to add another three bottles to the basket. One bottle of each of the wines below.

González Bastías, Matorral, 2019

Some refer to País as the Gamy of Chile; it’s fresh and juicy, with a slightly herbaceous edge. And just like Gamay in Beaujolais, you find many different styles of País. The Matorral from González Bastías is a wine with hidden depths. Made with fruit low-yielding 200-year-old vines, this wine combines youthful vibrancy with incredibly concentrated fruit. The wine reveals layers of complexity, with soft red berry fruit and tingling acidity giving way to a wild earthy minerality.

González Bastías, Tierra Madre, 2019

Named for Mother Nature herself, this stunning wine brings together fragrant Torontel and savoury Semillon to produce an elegant aromatic white blend. The fruit comes from dry farmed vineyards with 200-year-old bush vines grown deep in the Maule Valley, lending intensity and complexity to the wine. The nose gives ripe orchard fruits and delicate white blossom, that translate beautifully on the palate. In the mouth, the wine is bright and fruit-focused, with refreshing acidity and a long salty finish.

Vinedos de Alcohuaz, Tococo, 2015

This single vineyard wine takes its name from one of the local birds that live around the vineyards, highlighting the importance of place in this wine. Located high in the mountains of northern Chile, at around 1700 metres in altitude, this wine is truly one of a kind. With vibrant notes of violets, dark fruit and black pepper, and fine chalky tannins, the Tococo shows how well Syrah takes to the region’s granite soils – with clear parallels to the northern Rhone.

Mutiliana, Ibbola, 2016

A fresh and elegant Sangiovese from the Ibbola valley in the foothills of Modigliana. From a high-altitude vineyard planted on sandstone soils, the fruit enjoys a long ripening period that give high fruit concentration and quality. This wine treads the tightrope of austerity and elegance, with an incisive palate driven by fine tannins. Floral and earthy aromas mingle on the nose, with delicate fruit and minerality marrying on the palate, and culminating in a persistent finish.

Colombera & Garella, Coste della Sesia, 2018

A moreishly fresh blend of Nebbiolo, Croatina and Vespolina produced on iron rich soils high in the mountains in North Piedmont. Fresh and floral on the nose, with bright red fruit, a touch of spice and a juicy finish.The addition of Croatina and Vespolina soften the fierce Nebbiolo tannins making this a really juicy approachable wine for any ocassion.

Envinate, Benje Tinto, 2018

With no filtration, fining, or added sulphur, the Benje Tinto is an incredibly pure and transparent expression of the high altitude volcanic soils on which these old vines reside. A complex and heady wine of crunchy red fruits, peppercorns and the very volcanic terruno itself.


An order from Vincognito is on its way today - mostly Italian wines (Etna Rosso, Arneis, Nerello Mascalese outside of the Etna Rosso DOC) but also a couple other interesting looking wines from David and Nadia and a cheap PN from Monterey I was curious about.

A WS order due beginning of March is mainly to replenish depleting Sherry stock - now that the husband is fully converted, bottles don’t last long! - but also includes old favourites (Marcillac, Teroldego, Ribolla Gialla and Le Clos du Notaire) and a few new wines to try:

Which was recommended by @NickFoster

Which looked interesting and good value


Which I think was recommended in one of the weekday/weekend thread, can’t remember by whom.

Three bottles of Bin #006 also on their way, and very much looking forward to trying the first bottle!

I guess it’s time I’d go back to earn some money now… :roll_eyes:


With all the noise about Pitray last PM I snapped and decided to put this into reserves for festive season 2022…will be interesting to see how that delicious Pinot evolves…

7 Bottles CB5501 Ch Pitray Castillon 2017 9.50 66.50
2 Bottles CE11291 Maycas del Limari Reserva Especial Pinot Noir 2018 13.50 27.00
1 Bottle CE11281 Maycas del Limari Reserva Especial Chardonnay 2018 13.50 13.50
2 Bottles CE11421 The Society’s Exhibition Limari Chardonnay 2020 10.95 21.90

Last three bottles of Chilean wine just arrived for our Zoom tasting next weekend


Colour on that Garage wine looks amazing. Very much looking fwd to it.

We decided there should really be a Sauvignon Blanc for a ‘Chilean Wine Tasting’ , despite not really being a massive fan of the grape (exceptions being the odd sancerre and the Wild Ferment Greywacke from Mr Judd) . However, we shall see if I can add another exceptionto that list…


Even though I am a fan of other SBs, this is amazing. It’s the only wine I’ve ever served to my father in law which made him double take and ask “oh… what is this? It’s fantastic!”


Ha… similar scenario here. I opened a bottle when some friends (who were not particularly interested in wine) came round for dinner. Popped and poured. Almost fell of my chair it was so good. Properly though provoking wine. I almost popped the bottle back in the fridge and opened something less interesting instead! (Shameful, bit true).

BJ8131 Chenas Quartz Dom Dominique Piron 2016 Price:£14.95 Quantity:3 Bottle SubTotal:£44.85
RH50611 Vacqueyras Domaine La Roubine 2016 Price:£16.00 Quantity:3 Bottle SubTotal:£48.00
RH57271 Vacqueyras Blanc Les Clefs d Or Clos des Cazaux 2019 Price:£14.95 Quantity:3 Bottle SubTotal:£44.85
RH45451 Vinsobres Cuvee Reference Domaine Jaume 2015 Price:£13.95 Quantity:3 Bottle SubTotal:£41.85
RH53501 Vacqueyras Le Clos Des Cazaux Grenat Noble 2015 Price:£20.00 Quantity:3 Bottle SubTotal:£60.00

1st wine purchase of 2021 (EP doesn’t count right?)

Have also got the following arriving from reserves. Can never have enough Rhône in the house hey…


Chateauneuf du Pape La Gloire de Mon Grand-Pere Bosquet des Papes 2012

Looking forward to hearing what you think of this, I have some in reserves also!


I drank a bottle of this on Boxing Day. Superb - and in my view fully ready to drink. A two hour decant sets it up nicely.


I noticed that on CellarTracker when adding :+1:


I have purchased the following,
|Vistalba Corte C 2015 ||

per bottle|
|Domaine Jean Chauvenet Nuits St Georges 2011
per bottle|
|The Society’s Chilean Carmenere Rapel Valley 2019 ||
per bottle|
|Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Vigna Corvino 2019 ||
per bottle|
|Nuy Red Muskadel ||
per bottle|
|Brazin Lodi Old-Vine Zinfandel 2018 |
per bottle|


Very limited release of this (email this afternoon), just 3 bottles per member.

Seems an interesting wine. No real knowledge of it but thought it worth a punt. Into Members Reserves for a couple of years.


Thank you for highlighting. Please share the email content if there is some more background about the wine/bodega.

Just arranged delivery of this half case from the 2018 EP offer

And I love that drinking window (even though I don’t really believe it) giving me the hurry up.

Pierre Mansour’s comments:-
Master of Wine Fernando Mora is shaking up the scene in Spain with his wonderful, elegant garnachas. He was one of the ‘Rising Stars’ of our ‘What to Drink’ selection earlier this year, and last year his ‘As Ladieras’ was chosen by none other than Jancis Robinson MW as one of her ‘Desert Island Wines’ on our Instagram Live session.

‘Os Cantals’ is his top wine, an exquisite garnacha crafted from his two best vineyards in Campo de Borja. And in order to make space in the winery Fernando contacted me to see if we could ship his remaining stock to offer to members in exchange for a preferential price.

Buy now
Special price: £25 a bottle

Low stock: limited to three bottles per member

Because this is a new wine to the range, the selling price cannot show a discount but this is being offered below the market price. To ensure as many members as possible get the chance to enjoy this wine, sales are limited to a maximum of three bottles per member, while stocks last.


Thank you, never tried but sounds irresistible to me. 2 btl on the way!

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