What is in your basket [January - February 2021]

Continuing the discussion from What is in your basket (November - December 2020):

Updated an order originally scheduled for mid January to reduce temptation and converted to a reserves order. Had to add a few more bottles to make up twelve to withdraw in 2-3 years time.

AL6511 - Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Rangen Clos Saint Urbain Zind Humbrecht 2005 - 2
IT23101 - Bricco del Drago Langhe Poderi Colla 2013 - 2
NZ11421 - Seresin Sun and Moon Marlborough Pinot Noir 2014 Organic - 2
AR3861 - Teho Tomal Vineyard La Consulta Malbec 2015 - 1
AU23111 - The Society’s Hunter Valley Semillon 2020 - 1
AR4301 - La Primera Revancha Mendoza Chenin Blanc 2019 - 1
CH4051 - Champagne Deutz Cuvée William Deutz 2006 - 1
CH3421 - Champagne Alfred Gratien Cuvée Paradis Brut 2008 - 1
BU71731 - Domaine Coche-Bizouard, Meursault Premier Cru Charmes 2017 - 1

Maybe should have waited for the fine wine list…


Ummm… should that be January-February? Or do I need to go find my Tardis! :wink:

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or maybe… just edit it :wink:


As an early adult it was made clear to me that white burgundy was always a good option. Since starting getting into wine I have been reading a lot about it but without any in the house I know very little about the different flavour profiles. Any thoughts on [this case] as an entry point?

Aim is to help me broaden my knowledge of the area with some hopefully quite nice wines.

Edit: I have searched each of the wines and they look a good quality and reasonably diverse which I think makes the case attractive (given the aim).

(The Wine Society | Free UK Delivery)

the 2018 of this was my find of 2020 so I would get some of this…


Can I ask a fairly urgent question? Perhaps one for @laura.

At what point should we be panic buying wine as I assume tonight’s announcement means that we are back to March 2020 limitations? (I.e. no mixed cases, no staff in the warehouse picking stock, delivery delays etc).

I also assume this will delay the upcoming EP offers.


I’m interested in this - why? If everyone is working from home - EP is a desktop exercise at this point - no physical stock moves until next year.

I agree, and I’m sure contingency plans have been made and new practices implemented since last year, but I thought I’d ask.

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I just ordered a box of this on recommendation from these pages

And a bottle of this as a random selection

This was not part of wine strategy 2021, but irrational curiosity won out.


Looks like a good selection to me!

You’ll not regret the Salvaje. The 2018 is superb and I’ve just ordered a case of the 2019 which is reportedly even better!

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There’s a very good review of the Salvaje in this month’s Decanter as well.

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I think they should be okay on this one as the whole thing about the limitations in the Spring were all about modifying the warehouse to allow the workers and the picking to be done in a socially distanced way. As I assume they have been operating on this basis ever since I would imagine it’s largely business as usual.

Regarding EP there might be issues there; mainly, I’d have thought, to do with samples/tasting and possible problems for the producers when it comes to bottling. But, hopefully, by then (bottling time) things should be getting back to some sort of normality.


Good news! Thanks to the work we’ve been doing over the last year to keep everyone safe, we’re able to continue our operation as normal. Of course, if anything changes, we’ll let you know. :slight_smile:

Edit: Just to clarify, this does mean the Showroom remains closed (it already had been due to being in Tier 4), but we’re still open for Click and Collect orders. :smiley:


Got my box of Dragon Baudana ordered now and a few bottles from the bin ends. Wanted some Roero Arneis but seems it is already gone.
Don’t know any of them apart from the Dragon but hope they’ll be okay.

|1 Case of 6|IT30351|Dragon Langhe Bianco Luigi Baudana 2019
|2 Bottles|IT30271|Jummare Vermentino Terre Siciliane 2019 ORGANIC
|2 Bottles|AA3111|Weingut Stadt Krems Gruner Veltliner 2019
|2 Bottles|SA16221|Beaumont Chenin Blanc Cape South Coast 2019


That’s great news @laura. Thanks for keeping everyone safe


I was very tempted by that Domaine of the Bee wine - I don’t normally pay too much attention to label design, but as a bit of a vinyl junkie, this really appealed to me!

Will be interested to see a report as and when you get round to drinking it.


Won’t be long, I’m sure


Case of 6 for each of these

Previously enjoyed both very much so post Christmas shelf stocking with those we love!


I have a bunch of Cote Rotie but nothing older than 2016 so in order to try and avoid infanticide I’ve decided to pick some slightly older specimens. Also I’ve not placed any wine orders since October so feel a little pat on the back is in order. So I’ve just placed this order which has a slightly higher per bottle price than is normal for me:

IT30281 Lagrein Alto Adige Hofstatter 2018 £13.95 1 Bottle £13.95
RH40391 The Society’s Exhibition Hermitage Rouge 2011 £36.00 1 Bottle £36.00
RH53571 Cote Rotie Brune et Blonde Guigal 2015 £42.00 1 Bottle £42.00
US9321 Brazin Lodi Old-Vine Zinfandel 2018 £12.50 1 Bottle £12.50
RH47541 Cote Rotie Cave Merlin 2015 £37.00 2 Bottle £74.00
CM23391 2010 Ch La Garricq Moulis £25.00 2 Bottle £50.00
RH23731 Cote Rotie Les Rochins Domaine Garon 2007 £55.00 1 Bottle £55.00

I’ve been trying to pick up one of these Hofstatter Lagreins for while now as I do seem to like lagrein and don’t often see it. I’ve actually never (knowingly) had a Zinfandel so been meaning to give one a go for a while! I’ve enjoyed the Exhibition Hermitages so this '11 is to sit alongside my '09 and '14s (I sadly missed the recent '06s). And the La Garricq was on the back on trying one out recently.

Oh and I’m well aware that I’ve still a while to wait for the '15 Cote Roties. I’ve just seen so few fully mature Cote Roties around that I can afford!