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What is in your basket [January and February 2022]

Somebody on twitter pointed out that the anti-maskers on the back benches who decried their pointlessness also wear ties. I’m afraid it’s going to be ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss’ with this shower.

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Always forget the possessive here. Is it Boris’ or Boris’s.
Sorry, replied to you T, meant for all.

I’m not sure where an apostrophe goes in Alexander de Pfeffel.

But that’s just a personal bugbear and a suspicion that people are more likely to believe his ‘I’m anti-establishment’ claptrap with a matey-sounding name like Boris :smiley:


Quite like Borisii

Is that a flower genus? Only flowers once and highly invasive. Dig out as early as possible.


Reproduces at a fast rate too.


Super toxic also.

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Makes me chuckle

Do you need to wear a grey suit when applying weedkiller?
Seriously off thread by the way!

Won’t be the first time I’ve been on a final warning! (Tongue in cheek)

Mini order despite dry January as a couple of low stock items appeared last night, plus I wanted to dry the blind spot and Greek exhibition. Delivery due Tuesday, will have to wait until the 1st to try something :cry:


Ordered on Tuesday, arrived on Thursday:


Drat, missed the MdDG Blanc on my last order - I just took delivery of a couple of the Monsignori this very morning (a relative success for DHL, who left it behind the bin a posted a note through the door. I was in, no knock, just the sound of the letterbox and a van leaving at high speed. ).

Would be interested to hear how it drinks (if you’re opening any time soon) as the blurb says that Petit Manseng is now in the ascendancy at the expense of Viognier.

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And the Monsignori is now OOS, having only just arrived. I have not had it before and had hoped there was time to sample it and buy a case for reserves if it was to my liking. I likewise have no experience of the MdGB stable of wines hence the purchase. For the red to inform future EP purchases.

As for the white, just plain curiosity given its repute and relative scarcity. I in fact opened it last night. It was “resting” in a 9c garage. I decanted it for just under an hour. I am no wine tasting Ninja and I really struggled to identify, well, lots of things. It has only 28% Viognier and that much shows.

The appearance. Well the decanter looked like the daddy of samples! Moving on, the smell foxed me. I am also into all grain beer brewing and I thought I detected a scent of yeast. It did remind me of beer, confusingly. The taste was an absolute wall of yellow fruit. Very big and long. Sweet then gently drying. I liked it and do very much get the sense that this will change into a completely different wine with age. Just looked at their website and I was pleased to see that they say the same. Like two different wines rather than gentle evolution in the bottle to a grander version of its original self. I have plenty more to go at tonight and will save a glass for tomorrow. If I discern anything usefully shareable, I will update. I’d be fascinated to try an aged one to compare.

EDIT - Days 2 & 3. No deterioration whatsoever. The yeast, perhaps bready, smell remained. Very little fruit on the nose but it was pretty cold in the garage. It warmed and was drunk in the right temp range of 10-12c. Still didn’t give much away on the nose. Tropical fruit most definitely when sipped. Powerfully so but harmonious and slowly funnelling from a sweet fruit to an attractive dryness. Not oily and very enjoyable with or without food I would say. Good level of acidity. On day 2 I had a rather incongruous lamb rogan josh so drank the wine before and after the same in the main but I did have a few sips with my meal and it surprisingly stood up to the curry pretty well. I would not want a case of 6, given its price (and I am saving my pennies for EP) but a parcel of 3 to see how it evolves over the years would be good.


My feeble resistance to the urge to order has ended.

Not coming till 1 Feb so it doesn’t count as a January order…



There was a post about it on Wine Pages yesterday… probably didn’t help.


Do you have a link, or is it paywall? (Just interested to read :grinning:)

It might smack a little of Bullseye reading such a glowing write up for those with only one bottle or nowt. RIP Jim Bowen….

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Oh, it’s just another forum post, rather than anything promotional. No doubt there are lots of lurkers (as well as regulars) with deep pockets though.


Ah, ok, thought it was a review.

Still, the power of the internet to drive FOMO is nevertheless incredible.