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What is in your basket [January and February 2022]

Many thanks @Rafa and @willrcwyatt . Sold, as they say :grinning:

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My one and only purchase (EP doesn’t count!) this month (or so I tell myself), including my first Barolo. Super excited to try. Looks like there were some new wines added this afternoon too - which is where the Barolo, Greywacke SB and two SA Syrah’s came from.


Picked up a few bottles of the (presumably Museum Release) white burgundy that’s come online in the past few days. Being guided by a copy of the newest edition of Jasper Morris’ inside Burgundy which I got for Christmas. Potentially looking at picking up some Montille or Marc Colin Saint Aubin soon if any other interesting wines come online soon to pad out my basket.


I do not need any more wine, so have been only half-heartedly reading the emails about various Burgundy EP campaigns, but a BBX bid placed last summer has unexpectedly succeeded in giving me a case of 2014 Alión, Ribera del Duero… so 2022 wine spend is now off the mark!


A great buy!

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Restocking whites and a couple of red burgundies - I keep trying to find red burgundies I like and I think these are two highly recommended growers so fingers crossed.


Something to look forward to.


A small order combined with a delivery from reserves.


I recently had the 2016 Saint-Joseph Silice, Domaine Coursodon. It was very easy to drink and delicious. I think it was the same price too, so good to see that holding.


Some whites to spend a bit of time out of sight.

Must say, I like this option of being able to add boxes of 6 to reserves.


Is this a new thing? Only, I’ve only ever stored my EP wines with TWS - because of the 12 bottle thing, and because generally a 12 bottle purchase for me these days is usually for drinking nowish. If they’re accepting 6’s, this may be a whole new ballgame for me (and welcome!).


I think so. And unannounced

Edit: a marvellous way to spend less (but more) money.


I made a very similar comment somewhere else. I’m really happy about it, but it really does open up a whole new set of wallet damaging options.


Mixed (DIY) cases of 6 to reserves? :face_with_monocle::thinking:

Give it a try. Seems to have worked for me. I saw it done with halves of wines that come in 12s so thought I should try it this way too

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I’ve taken advantage of the reduced prices to buy a dozen Ode d’Aydie Madiran for the Winter Drinking Red Wine Pipeline, to be drunk at some point between 2023 and 2028. Possibly during a winter storm, whilst tucking into something slowly stewed and high in saturated fat.

Keeping with the south west France theme, I’ve also picked up the Saint-Mont Les Vignes Retrouvées 2018. I know that I rather like the pineapple-y vibrant in-yer-face dry whites of this region, but I don’t know if my co-drinker in our house does. There’s only one way to find out!




I don’t think either of you will be disappointed

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Yep, I ordered 6 bottles last night, 2x2 + 2x1 and had the option of sending to reserves, which pleasantly surprised me as I was expecting delivery to be the only option.


Do we know what the storage fee is for these cases of 6? Do we pay the full per-case fee for each part case, or do two cases of 6 equate to one of 12?


I think the cost is based on the total number of bottles in reserve and you pay the rate per 12 bottles. If you have 9 bottles you’d pay 9 twelfths of the fee. Someone will probably tell me I’m wrong but that’s how I look at it. Never really an issue as I have a few multiples of 12 in reserve :rofl: