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What is in your basket [January 2019]



Thanks, might look out for that in the 2017 offer. I’m all done for this month…and next!


This morning’s delivery. A fairly random selection of budget friendly wines, ordered whilst I was in my local, hence there’s a couple of wines I’d forgotten about until I opened the box :blush:


Lopez de Heredia makes wonderful wines! Well done.


Kind of reminded me of not drinking and “priming”! :rofl:


Ordered this mixed case of favourites:

And in my capacity as wine selector for my parents, this case is being delivered to them:

When it comes to telling me what they like, they give me crumbs to follow… “we enjoyed that one we had last night.” Which one? “Creamy. It had a man on the label”. Me: (searches through previous orders) Jufark? “That’s the one.” Sadly OOS but Hungary reminds them of their early ventures into wine in the early 70’s. The circle turns…

Personal wine selector
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Post Xmas everyday drinking stocking…with the emphasis on decent regional french and argentinian it seems. i took a punt on the Austrian Gruner as it’s a grape I often have trouble with as my palate has all the delicacy of a drunken football hooligan, so with WSET3 on the horizon I really need to get my tastebuds better calibrated.



In my experience (a bottle opened by mistake last year!) the 99 Gassac is not even nearly ready!


Thanks. I’ll keep it in storage for a few more years. They tend to open again after 10 years or so.


I have to say I haven’t had a lot of luck with them. Would probably drink at 15 or 20 years if I still had any. But then by all accounts it is a maddeningly inconsistent wine!


I’ve just ordered 12 halves as I’m on a new lower calorie regime (nice to be able to enjoy a glass each in the evening as a relief from all these protein drinks :weary:). Appreciate the great choice of halves that the WS offers!

Just 6 full bottles 4 Riesling Kabinetts (3 2017’s and a 2015), the Château de Beaulieu 2005 and the Xinomavro Nature.


Actually woken up with my Wine Society delivery this morning. Much better than the alarm clock!


Also purchased this month and booked into member’s reserves, 6 each of-

I am sure that both can be drunk now but have run out of room to store any more wine at home. Not sure my DIY skills extend to a spiral cellar!

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Mostly ep purchases this month (and probably not much else for some time…) but I did need to stock up on some ‘everyday drinking’ reds, so added a case of this a couple of weeks back:

I’m always happy to share my best wines, but I’d rather be around to do the sharing, so I like to keep a stock of ‘wines that I’m happy to drink but also won’t miss if they’re drunk without me’. This is delicious, and pretty perfect for it.

Anyone else have a similar setup?!


Hi Akos, My curiosity has been piqued by the “Montefalco masterclass” that you have just had delivered. I’ve often fancied doing a vertical tasting but I live a long way from anywhere likely to host one so would be interested to know if TWS does this regularly and maybe with other wines. Do you know? Or maybe Inbar or Leah might know :thinking: @Inbar @Leah Thanks


This was a case of three sold under the “Montefalco Masterclass” label in one of the Fine Wine Lists. Vertical cases are often offered in the Fine Wine List and other offers. Most recently there were two St. Emilion vertical (Fonbel and Tertre Roteboeuf) and also a Chateau Beaulieu vertical mixed case. I also had a Crystallum PN vertical mixed case not long ago.


Thanks Akos, That is really helpful. I’ll just need to keep looking. Sorry to have to ask but were they listed separately as verticals/masterclasses? How did you find them?!


I am afraid it is not listed separately anywhere… just need to leaf through the brochures… Alternatively you could put terms like ‘vertical’ or ‘masterclass’ in the search box on the website and something might come up. Like this search for the word vertical:



Or this search for ‘collection case’ brings up some more…



The actual link to this particular case is here:

but oos obviously.

Usually in the fine wine list things like this have a separate page, e.g.: