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What instruments do you play?

Hi all,

Just wondering what instruments everyone plays or might be learning to play, back in school I did start to learn to play the Tenor horn, only got to grade 1 though. Owing to this current lockdown I am tempted to get myself another instrument, tempted to get a trumpet and learn to play that. The good news if I do go down that route is that I already have some embouchure muscle memory developed.

I know that there are a few talented people at The Wine Society who can play one or more instruments.

There is also that lifelong musical question of: Can a recorder actually sound good? :rofl:

Interested to see what everyone can play or if there is anything unusual out there!


I’ve been ‘learning’ to play my guitar for around 40 years… I’m not much better now than when I started. Currently trying to learn The Entertainer which is not the easiest piece in the world!

I generally classify my playing as entertaining for myself but not for anyone else within earshot.


I think this is why I plan to also get a practice mute!


I cannot play any sadly. Although, you might think I play the whistle as that is what I have to do on most of the good wines on here - Barolo offer case in point :slightly_smiling_face:

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An even more experienced beginner than Mike (50 years & still rubbish), I’ve a few pals who play the mandolin. They say it’s really easy to learn, great fun and guaranteed to make the player smile! I’ve switched to building acoustic guitars but won’t be doing it for a while until lockdown eases!


Might get myself a ukulele at some point as well, cheap to buy and apparently quite easy to play.


I’m glad I picked up a reasonable second hand classical guitar in a charity shop Used to play a lot as a kid. Just re learning Greensleeves at the moment…small steps.

Have to make the most of our hobbies!!

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Another long term guitar beginner though I did develop a guitar buying habit which almost resulted in me having a larger number of guitars than the number of chords I knew :grinning:.


Mostly guitar - a lot of classical when I was younger, although I also went through a flamenco phase. And I used to sing/play a lot of open mic nights with the acoustic - nothing original, just banged out a few of my favourites for a free pint. Now horrifically out of practice, the calluses long gone.

And I was a drummer in a band in Cardiff, with a couple of old friends, for about six years. That was quite the experience because I started with absolutely zero knowledge of drumming and my only opportunities to practise were when we were rehearsing together, but I got there. We did a kind of sloppy alt-rock thing, brilliant fun, played a lot of little venues in South Wales. I just tried to attach one of our songs to this post, but looks like it only does pictures and urls.


Yes, a recorder can sound good. There is a whole family of them, and much in use in ‘early music’. Some years ago the duo’Cambridge Buskers’ were around on tv and radio quite a bit, with a prominent sopranino recorder (the very little one).
My own musical practice has long been laid fallow…including my recorder playing. I have given my grandsons my piano, which was my primary instrument, although when much younger branched off into Harpsichord and Pipe Organ. As a teenager, I had some lessons on the Cathedral Organ in Lincoln, and did locum work in small parish churches with anything from a harmonium to a small pipe organ with resident mice.
I did train as a music teacher, and practiced the noble art in schools for several years. Career wise I changed tack but continued to work as a pianist on amateur pantomimes and the like.
I then took up choral singing…another story


It works in The Fool On The Hill (and Glass Onion) :sunglasses:


Agree! :grinning:

I used to play the (wooden) Alto recorder, and if you enjoy Baroque music, it’s a wonderful instrument.

Also played keyboards for about 7 years, and guitar. Did quite a lot of music theory growing up- god knows why - alas! Nothing remains of this past knowledge. The daughter had picked up the mantle - she plays piano, guitar and bass and doing Music as one of her A levels.


I had piano lessons between the ages of 7 and 11. Didn’t do the requisite practicing though, and gave up after scraping through my Grade 3. Then did clarinet for a bit and got through Grade 4 before the lack of practice could carry me no further.

But from the first time I saw The Muppets I’d wanted to be a drummer, and eventually started playing when I was about 14. Got my first kit soon after, and played in bands off and on until I was about 30. I’m a self-taught guitarist as well and became that rare thing, a drummer-songwriter. Never officially released anything but I recorded 2 Peel Sessions with my band The Exiles in 2003, and played the main stage at The Levellers’ Beautiful Days festival a few years later. I also recorded a solo album, mainly to prove to myself I could. I could, but my limitations as a singer and lyricist (and bassist, and guitarist if I’m honest) were painfully evident!

Nowadays I just play guitar at home for my own amusement and the bemusement and irritation of my family.


In music class when I was 11/12, I mimed the recorder, so bad was I.
I even mimed in the school choir and in Wales that is just not on!! LOL :grinning:
I gave the violin a try, my violin teacher I think cringed internally and was so happy when I gave it up.
In truth, I had a classmate who had perfect pitch (whatever that means) and could play back a song on the piano after only hearing it once! He was also a magnificent guitarist. When I was around talent of that magnitude, there was nowhere to go, except early retirement.
Several times I have been in the close company of terrific or better musical talent, it truly is a wonder to behold and reinforces my decision to pack it in.:+1:


When I was 9 we moved in across the road from the village brass band room. I saw someone walking in with a tuba and got very excited. The next week my mum took me along and I was presented with a cornet and told what buttons to press. I stuck it out for a few weeks and then moved to tenor horn, and a few weeks more made it down the ranks until a mini beginner tuba became available.

I loved it. I played most nights of the week, have been national brass band champion. It got too much though. Tuba players are in much demand and I was(realistically still am) really bad at saying no. I was helping out three brass bands and an orchestra and had no time to do anything for myself. Aged 27 I went to university and joined a band there. Within a week I’d been asked to help out another band. I said no and haven’t played since.


This was another benefit to being in the brass band, I didn’t have to be the only other welshman that couldn’t sing!

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I’ve been playing the alto sax for about 10 years now. I play in a couple of local groups, one all saxes and one a concert wind band. I have an absolute ball and am missing the rehearsals. I am having lessons with my teacher via Skype and I have been following Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Choir. Playing my sax is one of the things keeping me sane during lockdown :sunglasses::saxophone:


Tenor sax here. I’ve been having lessons for a few years. Each new piece is a challenge, but eventually I just about get there. Loving it anyway.


Guitar. Although I’d say I play with them rather than play them.

The loud electric type with plenty of distortion, fuzz and a bit of delay on occassion. :metal:


I play lots of organ and piano and have a lovely baby grand piano in my house. It has been one of the many things that has kept me sane over the last couple of weeks - it’s wonderful to have something like that to keep me occupied in my own company for many hours at a time and I don’t know what I would have done without it.
I have been trying to find more time for composition having done a few bits and pieces over the years but never having really tried in earnest. Let’s see how many silver linings we can wring out of this particular cloud!