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What I'm Drinking This Week [13th-19 July 2018]


Have just picked up a bottle of the Denbies Redlands to try. Will report back

@M1tch what 2013 Rhone ep are you trying? I have both Chave offerus and Cosme St Jo in reserves and considering whether to start on either (or both)


Maybe I should pop this open then :wink:

I really really need to update my CellarTracker :see_no_evil:


Slightly chilled, needs an hour to breathe. Should you open it. Will keep for 1-2. More years unopened.


Just popped a Felton Road Bannockburn Riesling 2013 in the fridge for later with Parma ham and melon.:yum:


Wonder if there is a significance of the number @szaki1974? No. 39 seems special being so low…


Last night a last bottle of Clos Floridene 2006 shared with friends who hadn’t really experienced much white Graves and who were most impressed. I really enjoy this wine which I try and buy in most good white Bordeaux vintages. Then a Meursault (H Boillot 1er cru Charmes 2006) which didn’t seem to want to come out and play. I have the rest of the bottle for later tonight so will see if it was really the case or if just the Clos Flo had spoilt us.


fab thanks…:}, its currently at 12C so I’ll flip a coin and see which side it lands on … to open or not :+1:


@danchaq, Maybe I’m a certain type of “special”.:rofl::joy:


(cc @szaki1974 @Leah)


You must VERY special @robert_mcintosh:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Better than Englands world cup result




This is working well on a summer evening. However, I’m confused by the ABV statements. The TWS listing shows 11.2%, but the label shows 11+2%. Quite a difference. Have not come across ABV listings other than whole or half % since the Majestic Swedish Government stuff in the 80s. But 11+2 has me flummoxed!!!


Scorchio today so this TWS beer is hitting the spot plus a delicious M&S Palo Cortardo :+1:


I wonder who’s got No.1 @szaki1974 :thinking:


Americans seem quite keen on on their decimal points. For example Pedroncelli Pinot Noir 13.8%, Friends Red 14.4%, and so on.


Well, all drinks last night were great, but the winner was definitely this delectable and rich old Rufina.

Didn’t know what to expect from this 27 year old wine, but it was wonderful and aged really well. The nose was alive with dark fruit and bramble, woody herbs and liquorice. On the palate it was sheer joy, and very very Italian. The tannins were smooth but the acidity was still there, with dark plum and black cherries supported by thyme and a touch of woody oak. It tasted younger than its years. The three of us tried to remember what we each did in 1991, and I recalled that I was sitting in a sealed room with a gas mask on, as it was during the (first) Gulf War. Nice to know that at the same time, somewhere in Tuscany someone was making this delicious wine! :grinning: If you like Tuscan wine, I really recommend it!

The Lambrusco was also a success. My BiL couldn’t believe just how perfumed it was, and was shocked at the dryness of it, expecting it to be a cloying sweet Ribena. It went down a treat with Italian charcuterie and Charentais melon.

Hope you all had satisfying drinks too, yesterday! :clinking_glasses::sunglasses:

How to source wine from my birth year
Grato Grati Rosso Toscana Vecchia Annata 2006 & 1999

It’s still rosé weather, so started this last night

And will probably finish this evening. Squint and it’s almost like being on holiday.


That sounds delicious @Inbar. Top quality Sangioveses age effortlessly (which is more than can be said for Nebbiolos) into serene maturity.

Sun means eating outdoors, and a certain lightness is called for. With a little chilling, this hit the spot.

Still showing a young pinot fragrance and ripeness, this tastes more like I would expect the 2015 to taste like - not that I think the Society has released the 2015 yet.

On Friday we had another bottle of 2007 St. Aubin Les Perrieres, Henri Prudhon (sorry, forgot to take a picture), largely as I managed to secure some of the 2009 of this wine from the recent offering which lasted 3 or 4 days, and I wanted to recalibrate on this one before moving to a 2009. Absolutely no signs of tiredness here. Yes, it’s a minor burgundy, but it takes me right back to the days when you could rely on the stuff to mature without worrying about the dreaded premox. And it really does have that wonderful flavour that only mature burgundy shows reliably.


I took a bottle of this to the cricket at Lord’s yesterday, which my friend and I enjoyed, and the screwcap saves taking a corkscrew along.

Relaxing in the garden this morning with the newspapers, and I will be opening this shortly, before heading inside to watch the tennis final.

I had a bottle a couple of weeks ago, one of the nicest rose wines I’ve had, and especially enjoyable in this heatwave and great value. Happy weekends everyone.