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What I'm Drinking This Week [13th-19 July 2018]


It’s the weekend AGAIN. Thank goodness. I’ve still got some of the #twstaste wines to get through, but this arrived yesterday and I’m looking forward to trying it:

What’s everyone else thinking of popping open this weekend??

It's never too late for Tipsy Tuesday [17 Jul]

Oooh! Got this Arneis in the wine fridge, awaiting its moment. I love this grape, but haven’t tried this one before so let us know what you thought of it! :grinning:


I think it’ll be the TWS Taste wines for us this weekend. We might have a little pre-World Cup Final barbecue on Sunday which will probably suit the Valpolicella fairly well. Any thoughts on food matches for the Gruner?


We had a Massaman curry with the Gruner - which was a beautiful match. Also works well with chicken in Tarragon sauce. To be honest, I think Gruner is a great food wine, and will go with varied cuisines, as long as it’s nothing too extremely spicy.


That’s good to hear - I might do fairly light garlic and chili marinaded prawns for the barbecue, so with a bit of luck that will work!


I am gradually working through some of my 2013 Rhone EP wines :slight_smile: also have a few odd bottles in the wine fridge, I am using the cellar tracker app which is really handy working out which wine is ready for drinking and which order I should look to drink the wines I have.


Being back at work is a real drag. Thank goodness I have steak and chips to look forward to, washed down with a good wine. Most likely it will be this from my recent delivery:



Here’s what’s going down with some meaty pasta in front of the telly tonight while my wife is ‘suffering’ VIP hospitality while watching Van Morrison and Michael Bublé in Hyde Park …

… then tomorrow, after a garden party at Hertfordshire County Hall we’re at a Bastille Day dinner at our Basque-run local gastro-pub, complete with Hot Club de France-style band Viper’s Dream. Always a fab night out. Still to negotiate corkage and decide what to take, but it may be …

… and …


Tonight is a non-drinking night, but weekend is rather busy with drinking-related stuff, so no complaints here!
Tomorrow, one of my brothers in law (I do have quite a few) is coming over for dinner. I decided on a sort-of-Italian-theme, then remembered it’s bastille day and a French theme would have been more appropriate. But never mind!

So we’ll have some Lambrusco with charcuterie and pâté; my BiL is still of the opinion that this is a sweet and horrid Italian wine, so hoping to enlighten him.
We’ll follow this with roast pork and a 1991 Chianti Rufina - which I think sounds a bit more exciting than it is, though it got good reviews. Picked it up in Majestic recently:
And we’ll finish with some PX to go with Torta Caprese:

Sunday we’re visiting a local vineyard near Hastings, and then home for dinner, which will be Moules à la Normande with this promising Muscadet:

Happy weekend, all! :clinking_glasses:


Let me know ladies about this version of Arneis, you may remember I wrote about the awful ones from very well known producers I brought back from Italy, but I loved the very few that were good.

Plus I think it is all round to your place on Sunday that sounds right up my street !


Funny weekend chez moi. Margaritas tonight, dry tomorrow.

Sunday however we’ll be at Citadel. Looking forward to CHVRCHES and Joe Goddard. If you’re there and want to say hi, there will be frequent visits to the Rioja Terrace :wink:


This evening it’s a happy and sad occasion as we’re having our last bottle of the 2001 Ardanza Reserve Especial. Wonderful wine which contributes towards showing why Rioja delivers world class enjoyable fine wine. The 2008 currently for sale is great. The 904 is clearly also great. Worth visiting La Rioja Alta also. Have a great weekend all!


It is Verdejo time tonight with this bottle… the rest of the weekend is a mistery

‘My Wines’ on TWS not working…


Just had the last glass of the Moorooduc pinot but that’s all I’m having this evening. It’s been a hella busy week and once I’ve finished tidying up the living room, I’m going to bed.

Up in Brizzle tomorrow to meet up with some old Cardiff buddies drinking their way around Clifton - a rare bit of grown-up socialising, woo hoo! :beer:


Lovely with goat’s cheese crostinis. Really nice Loire sauvignon and agree that it’s riper than usual for a Menetou.


Celebrating the end of that very long and rather tedious semi-final with a bottle of Taittinger Cuvee Prestige which goes very well with the Djokovic - Nadal game. Quite a rich champagne and quite enjoyable tennis too. So much more entertaining than all those whomping serves!


Rustenberg Chardonnay tonight. 2016, very impressed with how refined it is. Definitely a repeat purchase!!


We had the 2013 vintage last week with a crab risotto. Excellent, almost Chablis like but at half the price. Have a couple of 2015s in the cellar, but will be trying to leave for another year yet. Should be perfect with the moules


Still under the austerity rules of Mrs O, I find myself very satisfied with two wines from the South of France…a pale pink Rose from Jean-Paul Mas, and a very spicey/peppery red an IGP Carcassonne 100% Carignan.
The rose is £5.99 and the red is priced dangerously low at £4.39 at Aldi.imageimage


One year since this site went public (beta test rather), when I signed up, inactive in the first-three months, though… celebrating with this wine that is growing on me, with each new bottle opened. Light and crisp, in Tavel they would say its a rose…

Happy anniversary!

I see @Jonesy and @bs4oeno also have the Kadarka in the cellar, hope you like it guys.