What I put into my WS Reserves this week!

It is indeed…I am thinking resting at TWS until the weather cools off in September and then is it 1 or all of it, in my case on only 6 to the house?

I had a bottle of the 2009 last year which was drinking really well, so it’s very tempting to just guzzle the lot!


A few of those might just have slipped into my trolley in Tesco’s today! Thanks @Taffy-on-Tour. After all it would have been rude not to at £10 per bottle! :wink:


When I tried to have the Bohorquez delivered I wasn’t able, and was told it’s on its way to my reserves rather than being in them.

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Comparing the L’Oiseliniere 2014 with the Curieuses 2013 is not an easy one (partly because I dont have a bottle of the 2014 to hand - although i have previously enjoyed it - and mainly because I’m far from a 'nose who knows)… so here’s a very clumsy reply.

The L’Oiseliniere 2014 is heading towards Mersault in style: fatter, some lanilin, yet light bright and floral nose - I’d driik it with chicken with a light cream sauce maybe. The Curieuses 2013 is more of a Chablis premier / grand cru: much more mineral, green olives and salinity with hints of Manzanilla yet unmistakably Muscadet (I imagine some might find it TOO powerful), drink with Oysters or even on its own.

Both are excellent - but in differant ways - the L’Oiseliniere 2014 is easier to like, but I feel the Curieuses 2013 has more to it. Horses for courses?


Apologies for topic drift but I’m enjoying your views on the muscadets, any opinion on this one?

I’m unlikely to be in an oysters-at-Christmas stage of life this year but might be in a few years, was thinking to put a few mags in reserves for the (fingers crossed) sunlit uplands when children are slightly older and differently demanding etc.

Or would your 2013 option last 3-5 years and be a better choice?

Thanks for any light you can shed.


Thanks - fantastically useful reply!

Haven’t tried it so cant comment on the Grand Mouton.

The 2013 Curieuses is definitely ready to drink now - I wouldnt cellar it much longer, it’s powerful enough already! the only reason I put the cases in reserves is lack of space at home & would kick myself if it had sold out by Xmas. I do stress that is not the ‘light and anonymous’ muscadet that many UK consumers might recognise.

I have just finished bottle 2 of 6 of the 2015 vintage which was delicious. Have decided to put another 6 into reserves.


A present for myself in 2025. Couldn’t wait for the Society to put together a Once & Future mixed case so have one of each in reserves now. To make up the case added in a couple of these.
It’s a perfect Sunday dinner wine.

Had a great time with this the other week
And it’s going to get better with a bit of age so 4 of these.
Leaving one wild card slot in the case which eventually went to Van Loggerenberg ‘Trust your Gut’, Western Cape 2018
Proof yet again that the Society can get hold of small parcels of wine from new exciting producers. Think this guy is Tim Aikins young wine maker of the year. Really looking forward to trying it.
Honourable mentions go to the discounted Craggy Range Le Sols and Te Mata Bullnoses which were in and out of this case several times.
And with 6 guigal cote du Rhone 2016 picked up recently for a tenner each the future is looking bright at Chateau Lewis.


Should I be concerned about what I put in my reserves! Called off a 3 pack of Mouchao 2013 and received today Monte Meao although the TWS sticker advises Mouchao. For my slumbering Meerlust will I end up with Kumala? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: