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What have you discovered/learnt this year so far?


Somehow its almost September which I am sure is a mistake but as a chunk of the year has gone and we learn something everyday I thought it might be interesting to see what others have learnt/discovered this year so far.

For me its:

  • Learning more about types of beer/ale to understand the sort I enjoy (darker stouts/porters rather than IPAs).
  • The break even point on a new wine fridge (buy a good brand used and keep it full works out best).
  • Certain Beaujolais wines can age and can move towards tasting of a Burgundy or Rhone.
  • Rose is worth looking into more as its food friendly and a good halfway house between red and white.
  • Not drinking wine during weekdays helps with weight loss.
  • Buying fewer but better quality wines is the way to go.
  • I need to be quicker to buy Domaine Pataille when it comes into stock.
  • I need more white wines in my rack.
  • I need an ETO decanter.
  • Everyone on here is really friendly and helpful.

What about you?


There’s more good wine than days in a lifetime, so don’t drink the unnecessary rubbish.


Don’t keep white burgundy too long. Though in all honesty I’ve been learning and then forgetting this for the last several years. Slow learner that I am.


What a corked bottle smells like! Not at all great at the time but very useful to know :slightly_smiling_face:

  • not everybody likes Grenache Gris
  • don’t go away on holiday when Sylvain Pataille’s wines are going to be offered
  • I don’t want to drink another ale with Citra hops in it (or Citra-like hops) for a long while. I’m glad they are there for a change, but lordy they get monotonous quickly
  • English sparklers get better by the year, but I’m still the biggest fan of Champagne


I’ve learnt quite a lot. WSET 2 and 3 this year. Plus all the above of course.

Overall though. Drink better, and never hesitate to open a good bottle.

  • This Community… :smiley:
  • Finding value in Bordeaux and Burgundy is getting much harder; that’s not to say there isn’t value there but wines are seemingly often priced on things other than what’s in the bottle
  • Greek and Hungarian wines can be both outstanding and excellent value
  • There is increasing focus on quality & terroir in some new world areas, e.g. Chile
  • Lesser known regional France still has lots to offer, e.g. Cotes du Catalanes, Bergerac, Luberon, Buzet
  • Life is too short for bad wine


Or put another way ‘life is to short’

Good Riesling does not have to be kept eons to be drinkable, most are just as good almost ex cellars, though that is something I discovered years ago.


England still can’t bat in a Test match !!!

Oh, I could drink Rhone until les vaches come home !!


I have learnt that
a) Wirra Wirra RSW doesn’t last forever as we discovered with the bottle of 2001 we opened this year :frowning:
b) that recommendations from this community can really open your eyes to TWS list. I have discovered many more wines that I would otherwise still be unaware of. The power of the group!
c) that I can be lucky and unlucky at the same time. My name came out of the (first) hat for the September press tasting only to realise that we would be on holiday :worried: I tried to forget - until the call for the redraw popped up recently. Bugger.
d) a virtual community can lead to new actual wine friendships!


I’m surprised @JayKay that your RSW was over the hill. I’d expect another 5+ years for the 2001.


I’ve learned that my wish list is not reducing.
I have drank lots of different wine due to community recommendations.
Learned a lot of tasting descriptors during TWS taste.
Most of all I have learned a lot from everyone on this community.


Well maybe a bit harsh…at times…

I agree with your second point though…


That Cote Rotie can be as fickle as Burgundy in terms of tasting windows

Don’t overbuy a ‘house’ wine until I’ve tasted the current vintage

So many good recommendations on here…

It’s unlikely that I will buy ‘en primeur’ again in Bordeaux or Burgundy.

How many good Italian wines I’ve missed for too long…

Catching salmon on a rising river is unlikely :slight_smile: I have known this for a long time but keep trying to disprove it…


most people don’t share my interest in wine, they just want to drink it…
therefore, i am grateful to this place.