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What Haggis?

I really like haggis (deep down I may be Scottish) and will definitely have some next week… Thought I would tap into the collective wisdom of the Community to see what is the best I can get (online) in the short timeframe. For now we are looking at some M&S haggis from Ocado (I know). Your recommendations would be extremely well received.

Please do not tempt me with drinks recommendations… :wink:

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Unsurprisingly spoilt up here with several good local butchers’ haggis.

I’ve also bought haggis as part of a half lamb/mutton box from these folk…


Based in Dumfries but deliver nationwide - the lamb is amazing as is the mutton. Game bird season now almost ending but they have frozen, and the roe deer is to die for too. Haggis pretty good. Worth looking at if you fancy putting a mixed order together or sharing with friends. We sometimes share an order with friends and pre COVID I picked up a couple of orders from them combining with other reasons to drive to Dumfries.

If you get M&S get the decent one, not the abomination made from pork that seems to be their standard offering…


good point…

I was toying with blackface, love mutton, too

I see HG Walter has some proper haggis - https://www.hgwalter.com/products/haggis?variant=37986357051585 - I also need some smoked ham hocks anyway


Well I have to go with veggie haggis anyway, which many would call an abomination without even trying it!! :rofl:


Can’t believe you’ve started this thread… we’ve been looking about today online for some good Haggis for Burns night… Will let you know which one we go for… thanks @MarkC, seems blackface are out of stock right now…bummer…!

Wonder why that might be a week before Burns Night? :smile: Hopefully I’ll get mine that I ordered on Sunday…

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Unhelpfully…especially as pubs are shut AND travel is banned… I’d suggest the best Haggis is from a chipshop in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket, after several pints. They also do white pudding for @MikeFranklin.

You’re welcome.


That’ll be with salt and sauce too…the classic East v West divider in Scotland…


I think that Marks do the McSween haggis too, though IMO it’s not quite what it was…but light years better than that pork based thing they call haggis.

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Is there an AOC for superior Haggis?


Had this several times - and it’s lovely, actually!

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Thread of genius :smiley:

I’ve ordered haggis from Farmison to arrive next Monday. First time haggis order from them, but a Christmas venison haunch was amazing so I have high hopes :smiley:

Oh, and in keeping with the real reason for this forum, they’ve also got Bruichladdich …


there used to be a company in Auchtermuchty (yes, that’s a real place) who did a fantastic game haggis. Mostly venison, if I recall. Superior to the lamb version.

MacSween’s isn’t bad at all - reliable and decent. The Guigal Cotes du Rhone of offal.


Very much so…home of the legendary Jimmy Shand. Also used I think for filming Dr Finlay’s Casebook.

Bizarrely I had exactly the same comparison in mind. High volume but generally a very good yardstick even if not the best.


We have Scottish friends who orchestrate Burns Night each year. First Zoom Burns Night ever this Saturday though, we’ll see how it goes!
I think they usually have a McCallister’s Rare-Breed, 28-day hung haggis sent down by a relative, from a little place they come from up there. They always make a bit of a fuss over it!


Just ordered a haggis from our local butcher here in Southampton.

A long way from its spiritual home but if I can buy ‘Cumberland’ sausage in a supermarket here I’ll not complain that our butchers is trying their hand at rearing haggis :smiley: Apparently they have engaged the services of a master haggis maker.

I have had their haggis before as part of a Burns Night whisky tasting at our local wine club so I know it will be good. But have never cooked one before. Any tips?

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Never ever prick the haggis with a darning needle (does anyone have one of those any more? ) before simmering - only time I did that, ended up with a burst haggi & a pan of fatty lamb soup.

As with wine, I shall serve the whisky from lightest to heaviest. Start with a Lowland, move through Speyside and Highland / Island, finishing with an aged Islay - served last because the phenols tend to nullify my palate.


Not a scotch drinker. I find gewürztraminer goes well with the haggis. We keep the decent claret for the cheese afterwards.

I’ll be reading ‘tae a virus’ in the spirit of the man himself. It’s a clever write by a man named Willie Sinclair (you’ll find it easily on Google). Should be a giggle to finish the proceedings.


I used to swear by Macsweens and Ocado used to sell it so I was sorry that it had vanished from the list this year. However I see that the M&S one is made by Macsweens so let’s hope it’s to the same recipe as the original.

Havent caught one this year… Normally go hunting the mcsween… Anyone know a good vegetarian haggi