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What does "The Times" wine correspondent know that TWS website does not?

Writing in “The Times” last week Jane MacQuitty recommended 2017 **Le Ralle, Aglianico del Vulture from TWS; but she also said it will not be available from TWS until 26th February. But … look on the TWS website for this wine and it says SOLD OUT, and no mention of new stock. I am now confused.

The fact that it still shows at all often means it will/might be restocked.


If I find it through the search bar, it appears as out of stock. However, I also have one in my basket which appears as “stock arriving on 26 February”.

I’ve noticed that “stock arriving” wines are no longer appear in my basket total, so I’m guessing these are being affected by website updates taking place over the weekend.


Yes, I had a load drop out or marked as out of stock this weekend

Mystery solved; Jane MacQuitty does have an inside track ! Wine now shown as available from the 26th February.


I think i’ve had this previously when it was around £8 and it was a decent early-drinking aglianico. I do think it’s worth trading up to the Armand at £14 and still to try the Alvolo at £15

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