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What do you love about The Society's Community?



This subject has come up a LOT in my conversations since the community has got much busier. One of the great advantages to be gained are to get recommendations that you might not see elsewhere - like a Hungarian wine, or an aged Portuguese red.

I’ve tried so many new wines off the back of recommendations of people here I have come to trust - and my wife is enjoying the new variety of wines too!


Just wanted to say a public “Thank you” to all those who left a message here. I’ve been in touch with some of you to make sure we can quote you when we invite new members to the site, and I’m very grateful to all those who have been supportive (which was, in fact, everyone I asked … :heart: )

I’m always keen to hear more ideas, particularly from new members (those who’ve both joined the community and joined The Society in the last few months) and those who mainly read and who have not posted much (so we don’t know each other that well yet).


I like the humour, the way members list six or seven wines when asked for one only, the recipes , and the charming way people share their advice and knowledge .
The way that @Leah, @Nowt_in_my_glass and @onlyawino are waiting for a positive decision with regard for the “Northern Oick” Silly Badge.:innocent::rose::wine_glass:


Wait?!! You’re not buying ALL of them? -_-


Translation please Nimg…


The austerity imposed by Mrs O has been slightly eased this weekend…given a budget of £30, I only spent £9.28 but she retrieved £20 with a promise that it can be spent as required …she’s very nice isn’t she !!!
Just for a change I chose from southern Rhone and Languedoc




I can’t believe you haven’t purchased every recommendation I’ve made…they’re hot tips! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As a new Forum member and not very frequent poster, I agree with the comments about the friendliness and usefulness of the Community.

It has been very helpful to me in helping to choose wines and to move away from a total reliance on mixed boxes (not that there is anything wrong with these). I was also pleased to discover that not every body likes all wines (e.g some versions of NZ SB)

The Community has also made me aware of the huge amount of information there is in other parts of TWS web pages; a useful refresher for someone who took some WSET examinations many years ago.


You do know that I don’t buy foreign wine, but I will as a matter of courtesy drink any that’s offered. My definition of foreign is anything other than French, English and after long negotiations same areas in Italy.
By the way is Barnsley Bitter still made to the original recipe!!
We must try and arrange a get together sometime soon…Beer, wine or both…after all we are only a cockstride away from us selves !!


Aye! Next time we get a tasting in yorkshire!