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What communities matter most to you?


We called this place a community, rather than a forum, on purpose.

In my mind, a community is a place that brings together people who have a shared sense of identity for some common purpose, and to allow them to achieve a goal (or several).

It is broad definition, but it differentiates a place like this from social media (a common platform, but not a shared identity) and from support sites.

I believe that we are here because we are members of The Society, we want to make the most of that status to enjoy wine and life, and not only to buy better for ourselves, but to help other members do the same.

With that definition in mind, I’m very interested to know what OTHER communities you take part in and which mean the most to you? Which ones could you not live without? These don’t have to be online like this one.


I was asked a similar question recently, and I would say that this is my number 1 site - and not just because I work here (I spend more time on here when NOT working).

I also care about (I don’t just visit, I want to help people) a site called FeverBee for community managers to exchange ideas, and the support site for the software we use (Discourse).

However, away from wine and work, I would also say that I would miss being part of a Facebook group called ‘SE23 Mums’ - (yes, I know!) It is one of the many local community sites for parents where we exchange kids stuff we no longer need, but also offer general and LOCAL advice and support.

The other ‘community’ would be my local choir. It is new, and we don’t know each other very well yet, but it is a great way to do something completely different once a week for no other reason than it is a lot of fun.

While I have many other interests, I don’t feel like I’m part of a community there.


The annual Latitude Festival community that we go with - tents, kids (now grown up), friends, - all mucking in, sometimes in muck - but always fun in meeting up, making coffee early morning, drinking cocktails and beer and listening to the music, the comedy and poetry, the super intelligent and the new up and comers, the refined and the raucous. Headliners announced this Monday. Can’t wait… 12/2/18 update - And now we know
With our tickets bought “en primeur” we are set up for a weekend with The Killers, Solange, Alt-J, Harry Hill and many friends.