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What cheeses are you looking forward to for Christmas



Lots of cheese available at Christmas time, some of it edible.
@cerberus suggested a thread quoting Comté as his go to nibble.
I’ve got a large wedge of 30month old Parmesan, a truckle of cloth coated Cheddar and am going to make a potted Stilton. Piccalilli and an onion relish will be my accompaniments.
Biscuits or no biscuits?
What’s your guilty pleasures and how do you have them?


I am also making potted Stilton, inspired by your post and the recipe @laura shared. Have s couple of stickies to try with it… Also planning a cheese board before Christmas, I quite like fresher (not too ripe) Manchego, Camembert, smoked Ricotta…


Lincolnshire Poacher and Cornish Yarg are my two go to favourites. Fig relish and quince jelly usually accompanies the cheese, with sea salt crackers.

Probably a Coteaux de Layon to drink.


The baby cheeses, obviously :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We’re identical in choice of relishes, crackers and wine!
Our cheeses are likely to be a Roquefort, a Sussex Slipcote, a Manchego and possibly an aged cheddar too. Some years I buy Taleggio, but as I tend to consume it on my own in an obsessive and ungainly fashion, I might give it a miss this year.


Our tradition is to buy a whole Munster fermier - the family has a bit of a thing about stinky cheeses. Plus a wedge of mature Comté. For the rest, it will depend on what the cheese merchant has in stock - mostly these will be English cheeses.


Oh yes, Lincolnshire Poacher, a very yummy alternative to cheddar for me. Great in a Welsh rarebit too with a warm ale.
@inbar, Roquefort, the perfect excuse to open the Monbazaillac.


It being nearly Christmas, it’s worth mentioning their “double barrel” version which is matured for around twice as long. Specially delicious for when boats ask to be pushed out.


Something washed rind like Munster, some good Comte and some Single Gloucester and some Roquefort. Or something else the cheese counter staff persuade me into.


Post cheeseboard left over snacks include Welsh rarebit on English muffin, melted cheddar on crumpets laden with butter and marmite, Christmas cake and cheddar, onion soup with melted cheese on toast… any other firm favourites out there?


Figs stuffed with Sussex slipcote or leftover goat cheese, drizzled with honey, and walnuts crmbled on top. Baked in a hot oven for 5 minutes… :ok_hand:


Truffle honey with any firm cheese but especially Pecorino with more of those walnuts. No biscuit, just gets in the way


Haven’t finalised what I’m going to overbuy this season (and this Thread is helping with my indecision) but it will definitely include Livarot.
A soft, pungent washed rind cheese from Normandy. Unfairly overlooked on account of its geographical proximity to that other cheese, this is a one of the greats. Fully ripe (which is the only time to eat it) it displays a room filling aroma which makes it most suitable for being eaten in someone else’s house or outdoors. But when you get it into your mouth you get a creamy, fruity and even spicy reward for fighting the gag reflex. I suppose it should go with apple slices given its provenance but I like it with Fig, Date or best of all just the side of your knife.
Keep the recommendations coming.


Generally go for the classic hard cheeses - Kirkham’s Lancashire, Appleby’s Cheshire, Montgomery’s cheddar (or maybe poacher). Then a couple of goat / sheep cheeses, Ticklemore is probably the absolute favourite. Marrow chutney / quince paste on the side and oatcakes or fresh bread. Almost as important as Christmas dinner itself in our house.


Haven’t tried Christmas cake with cheddar, but it’s a match made in heaven with Lancashire. (And not a million miles from my favourite pudding ever)



Do you think a mince,pie with its lid removed, warmed in the oven with some Lancashire cheese and then dolloped with @JayKay’s Cumberland rum butter would be over the top?
I have made a lot of rum butter.


@DrEm Forgive me, but following that post I’m really hoping you’re a genuine Doctor!!!


Sounds both over the top and incredibly appealing to me. Definitely worth a test, all in the name of culinary science obviously. (I may need to try it too, although probably with brandy butter)

Aargh, the cheese isn’t arriving for a couple of weeks, how am I going to survive?


We usually always have Black Bomber and Lincolnshire Poacher, plus whatever takes our fancy. I like to try out new things at Christmas so will get these two plus camembert and a Stilton, then a selection from whatever the deli have available on the day I pick it all up.


Inspired food pairing @DrEm!