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What are you going to do today?

I see you became a client of James! I ordered some too last week, including the 40-day aged British Blue & British Grey T-Bone and the 30-day aged 300-day grain fed Angus Herford bone-in sirloin.

And 2 pieces of Rubia Gallega.


KFC is a guilty pleasure of mine. Since moving to the ‘country’ I have been unable to access it regularly as my closest is 45 minutes away. They started planning to build one locally about 3 years ago and construction is almost complete…

I’m licking my fingers in anticipation!


Yeah, the meat he sells is fantastic. So much flavour in the beef. Burgers from his mince yesterday too. Strongly recommend the mangaliza chops also.

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Jealous does not come close!!! :open_mouth:
I can hardly wait for travel restrictions to be lifted as it is 13 months since I visited a M&S foodhall, Ocado do not deliver here as yet. And yes, I do appreciate that I am fortunate. :blush:
And I will make room in my freezer for several buckets of my favourite guilty pleasure. :+1: :dragon:



KFC Original Recipe Mix by Tom Aitken

His list as follows:

Parsley tick
Thyme no
Oregano tick
Basil no
Sage no
Cayenne tick
Paprika tick
White pepper tick
Black pepper tick
Onion powder tick
Garlic powder tick

As well as the ticked ingredients, I use chilli powder, sometimes smoked paprika.
I do feel quite “proud” is not the word, maybe content to have got so relatively close.
I might have another go this weekend. :+1: :dragon:
No :trophy: for me. :sob: :wink:

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This evening I’ll be recuperating from six hours of Teams meetings while trying out my OTHER expensive indulgence - new running shoes.



I have the same Teams dilemma (as do much of the world at present I guess). Often have to find a way to get out for a run at lunchtime so my head doesn’t pop!!


Well I found an alternative to gardening yesterday and went out with the skis.

You can see how much the wind has scoured the snow away and by the time I reached the summit I was worried I’d just taken the skis out for a walk on my back. But my faith paid off; all the scoured snow had, as I’d hoped, been dumped in the south facing corrie and I had an excellent descent. No photos though as I was enjoying myself too much!
Also for the bird spotters amongst you there was this showing just how well a ptarmigan’s winter plumage camouflages it. It’s just at the top of the obvious tracks and the second photo is cropped to make it more obvious:


Some feather-blade going in the pot for a braise


Having just gotten the Barolo EP 2017 confirmation email, denoting success; I will take a moment to reflect how fortunate that I have been in recent EP Offers.
My latest was:
1 x 6 Anselma Mosconi 2017 ( An under the radar producer, from a very good south facing vineyard where global warming might assist the production of terrific wine) £175 IB per 6.
1 x 1 Burlotto Monvigliero £36 per bottle, not cheap!! :wink: :wink: Vinous 96/100
1 x 1 Burlotto Acclivi £33 per bottle Vinous 93/100

I ended up with all and more of the Red & White Burgundy EP 2019 that I requested.
I was allocated all the Rhone EP 2019 that I asked for except the Faurie Hermitage. I did get the Gonon Saint Joseph and the Courbis Cote Sud, the latter that I was particularly pleased with as this looks to be an outstanding year for Sant Joseph.
Last year from the White Burgundy EP 2019 Offer I was allocated the Oncle and the Settiles.

I think that it is good to see my loyalty to the Society, being reflected in the in-demand wines from offers. :+1: :dragon:


Great photographs! I can understand your concern about a lack of snow - it does look ‘scoured’, but must be lovely to be skiing in Scotland in April.

Amazing camouflage on the Ptarmigan too!


It is the hundredth day… will carefully consider what to open tomorrow… although I have been doing the same for the last 99 days.



Fantastic achievement, @szaki1974! Didn’t you have a Riesling sweetie in mind when you started this challenge? Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll taste like nectar! :+1:

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Do you have a shortlist?

Well done @szaki1974, I’m looking forward to hearing what you choose. What are the contenders?

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Yes, the Prum is on the cards and is the most likely sweetie for the evening. It is going to be two if these six.


100 days of deliberation

Make a birdhouse


Quite a choice to have to make! I loved the sweet Donnhoff Riesling Goldcap I chose to end my 3 month repair period. Fingers crossed you have a delicious evening ahead.

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