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What are you going to do today?

Earlier this week, on the BBC Breakfast program, there was comment that Drinks Companies have been seen to have paid 25% more Duty & Vat on sales, compared to the previous year. This increased consumption I imagine was attributed to lockdown trade.
Given that the Society does not attempt to make more profit than the business requires, I do wonder what effect this will have on the Society?
If our admin costs stay broadly the same, might our bottom line potentially get a big boost from these sales?
Remembering that EP sales are not counted for a few years hence. :+1: :dragon:

Watching the cricket (v. exciting)
Reading my WSET Diploma material on Australia (not so exciting but informative)
Now at late July Early August 1914 in my reading and the infamous “Willy-Nicky” Telegrams, ( very tense and worrying as it looks like it is only going one way…)


Me too!
Can hardly believe my eyes, no spoiler here.
I understand that the one day matches will go to Sky. :sob:
I think that this is such a shame, because all the kids who only have Freeview will lose out. :cry:
How can we expect a potentially captive youthful audience who have lost pitches in towns and cities and now will not be able to see their heroes. We must do better!! :pray: :dragon:

I am delivering some apple juice and some wine to friends today.

Egremont Russet, Laxton’s Fortune and Worcester Pearmain apple juice from here:

Wine (the wonderfully-named Les Raisins Gaulois) from here:

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Had my Covid jab this morning. Very well organised.
Now into the first few days of August 1914 with my causes of WW1 reading. Hopefully will finish today.
May follow the events of the Alex Salmond saga. I did read both the full version and redacted one earlier today. I spent all my 40 year legal career as a litigation solicitor. Reading his evidence and listening to comments on it made me smile wryly.