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What are you going to do today?

It suits me, and believe it or not- there have been many previous attempts before this iteration that have been abject failures, mostly caused by too low a cooking temperature (everybody should have a temp probe for meat, fish or oil - my last one from Amazon £5.99), not enough baking powder, the flour ratio’s and overcrowding.
Other than that, it is easy peasy - NOT!! :rofl: :+1: :dragon:

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I hadn’t noticed, but the other half mentioned I’d been coughing since coming home on friday night. Then I started getting some vertigo (I had labyrinthitis years ago, so always get a touch of it when I get a virus). I’m hoping it’s just a normal winter virus. We’ll see.


When I got my flu jab, I had a sore upper arm and a minor headache. :cry:
But I have had a few reactions over the years, but that’s just me. :baby: :rofl:
I hope that you are ok and your reaction dissipates quickly!! :pray: :+1: :dragon:

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I’m afraid I’m now doing nothing other than annoying people on onlime forums for the next ten days :frowning_face:


Sorry to hear that - if you become symptomatic do be aware that absolutely wipes you out, so get as much rest as you can in advance and fingers crossed it treats you kindly.


Rubbish news. Hope you stay well. How is your sense of smell holding up?

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Taste and smell fine so far - have a cough, a little diziness and feel like I’ve been punched in the kidneys by Mike Tyson!

Taking on heavy fluids and an acidic diet - I heard it can cause sticky blood and mucus, so plenty of lemon, onions, garlic, tomatoes and ginger and half an aspirin. Zinc and vit D too. Beyond that, rest and fingers crossed :sunglasses:


Get better soon, @Tannatastic! :pray:


Maybe we should form a club?!?
Decided: on this one.
May the vinous deity smile? :wink: :+1: :dragon:


baked a galette des rois!

not as perfectly shaped of those from Paris’s patissiers, but very tasty!

enjoyed along with some Veuve Clicquot NV - OH always craves for Champagne with Galette des Rois… :smile:


All the best for a mild case and speedy recovery, @Tannatastic


Nice! We already went through 2 of them (but bought from the little french patisserie near us). I managed to get the prize on one of them, but just because I ate half of it.

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More of what I just did.
Clicked onto Marcel’s Twitter feed (never joined Twitter or Facebook) and saw the Arnie video.
It was terrific!! :+1: :dragon:


it is rather simply to prepare, you should try. you can even put in many “feves”/“prizes” to avoid eating the whole thing to get one :smile:

Take it very easy and I wish you a speedy recovery.

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Join the club!

The vertigo thing is strange - at times over last few days I’ve felt like I’m on a ship in heavy seas!

Hope you weather the storm…


You too :grinning:

It’s amazed me how many people I’ve contacted in the last few days either have it or have had it recently. Colloquially it seems like there is a surge in cases far more than last spring - and the age range seems much lower this time round.

The vertigo was the least worrying aspect - as I say, I’ve had Labyrinthitis in the past (more akin to being on Nemesis 24/7), and I get a bit of recurrence every time I get a virus (I’m guessing theres some residual damage or weakness in my inner ear). I’ve also found a slight ‘altered perception’ with it too - like an anxiety. It comes and goes, but it is, at times, very odd.

I’m going to venture for some exercise around the back garden in a bit - I feel like I’m getting into the fatigue stage, but I guess part of that is just sitting round doing very little - I’m banished to the spare room, and have already managed to devour my Madiran and Pacherenc du vic Bilh book that I got at Christmas, as well as finally finish Steven Spurrier’s autobiography. Now just to find some more for the next 7 days… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Try a free Trial Audible Membership and join Borrowbox/RBdigital thriough your local library!!
Lots of good stuff available. :+1: :dragon:

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I take my hat off to whoever found the Rhone EP 2019 Offer pdf.
It has given me time to decide, without pressure to order.
I can play with it, rationalise my decisions, change my mind, look for clues, seek out reviews, compare and contrast with previous offers, and with all of that - factor in that the 2020 Rhone vintage has been another success.
So today, and for the rest of the weekend enjoy the liberation that the .pdf has bestowed.
And this weekend sees 4 great NFL games, as the final 8 teams vie for the opportunity of being this seasons Superbowl Champions. So late nights Saturday and Sunday, with the prospect of good bottles. :+1: :dragon:


Today I am trying to work out what curtain poles attach to the curtain pole attachy things the previous owner left (while taking the curtain poles with them). Unfortunately this is a lot harder than it should be because of an over-the-top kettlebell workout this morning having caused me to splat on the sofa. Instead of curtain poles I am reading the new (88!) Vermouth reviews on Jancis Robinson.